The Dentist

Gerard D. Williams

   We sit opposing one another
   like a set of badly fitting dentures
   avoiding eye contact at all costs, 
   staring at each others knees
   hiding behind last year's magazines.
   The condemned on death row.
   We listen to the whining drill
   not drowned out by the radio at all.
   sitting rigidly to attention
   gripping the chair arms with vice like grip.
   The receptionist oblivious to screams and
    groans sits munching chocolate digestives,
   one by one, in the patients go.
   Suddenly, it's my turn.  Rigid with fear,
   the chair reclines, but I don't.
   "Come now, relax, open wide,
   let's have a little look inside"
   Surrendering myself, I lose control
   Laying there quietly, just waiting,
   For a chance to bite back.

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