deep down

James Davis

My heart sulks, I dont know why? 
 I cant talk to you... I 'm falling down 
I feel guilty and I feel Bad, 
I'm sorry ... for what? 

I've done nothing wrong , 
my heart screaches the burning, 
of my soul, deep inside I feel 
bad,is that good?... fix me, 
make me stop hurting. 

why do I feel like no matter, 
how far up the tree, I'm still closer 
to the ground, never near others 
to far down to connect. 

your my mirror, I try to react 
the way I do without regards of 
your care, but you know I care. 

I'm so desperate, so sick in the head 
I want you so bad , or do I? 

Inside I'm depressed by my 
emotions that control me and make me. 

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