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Dance Marijuana Flowers

James Luchte


     dance marijuana flowers
   camomile, raspberry leaf 
  tea for the uterus, an apple 
  green tea, earl grey, myrrh
   wine, eyes, hands, fluids  
 damiana, ho shou wu, ginseng
  saturate, hold me as we fall
   being two impossibilities
   san pedro trichocereus
  in this instant, nunc 
    ephemera, i smell you 
  feel your unshakeable 
   fragility, grasp you 
  tighter hunger to merge
   our skins grow together   
 hyperreal phantasies ancestral 
  spirits, holy communions, ghosts 
    powers independent of meaning 
  transcend real predication, 
 goddesses & gods amidst this 
  singular opening, but to fear 
   this nothing is all there is
     eternally recur, or, once! 
          we hold each other
    terrorifies this tenuousness
     lose you, all, each i love 
     oblivion unsatisified 
       we have each other 
   existence on this head
     of a pin, shattered
  by this event, annihilate
   oneself, unable to even begin
         wish that all of this
      would be forever, eternally
     this love & togetherness
        not to be obliterated 
          into this cold Night
               alone without these
             for whom i pray & this 
          beautiful soul i love   
             whom i hold, you are 
            my shelter, we are together
             perhaps this is all we 
          have here & now to be thankful 
               & hopeful, but perplexed
           doubtful & fully suspicious

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