Come to Coketown
Maureen Scott

Notice: On Sat. 6
March at approx.
2:15 Melvyn Sills,
aged 36, of Norwood, 
was shot dead
following an argument 
with a group of men 
in Rushcroft Road, SW2.  
He was also known as spanner.  
Did you see anything?

Now isn't that typical Brixton, 
and you can bet 
nobody saw anything, 
not even the surveillance 
cameras, mysteriously. 
 And I hear one of 
the Old Etonian coke twins 
has been moved out of 
prominence after being seen in 
the Dog Shite loudly demanding, 
"Anyone got more cocaine?"  
how embarrassing, 
giving the place 
a bad name.

Meanwhile, on the hoardings 
religious tracts abound, 
and our local graffitists 
are busily proving that 
spanking new painted walls 
can be used as a canvas,

and the Flourmill &
Firkin which has only 
been opened a month 
is closing for refurbishment, 
so everything in the 
Garden of Eden ain't
 going too well, for 
it's obvious to all
that the law against
drinking is the ant 
on the back of the 
elephant of the other 
snorting and shooting 
going on not a mile from ...Brixton


Cllr. Dixon's Blair
victory bash held at the Dog Shite on
Election night was all smiles
and nods between Lambeth Council 
and the terrible twins as hindsight 
now tells, and now its become 
horribly clear who's arse-licking who.

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