Citification Residuals Detection

Alessio Zanelli

Solitude-multitude over the Asphalt-beach. Stunning swarm Of busy being-evermore-busy Bees. Vacantly lost in a forced Drift. Kind of a vacancy from Themselves. Collective dispersal Down the row. Humming like Perfect pattern of white noise. No Peak, nor the slightest deviation From the standard curve. It is Pointless to shout within such Speech-proof insulation. Also the Attrition is nearly null and every Interaction – just inhibited. But Countless molecules of an inert Ideal gas. The city slips away Under itself. Well down under Its appearance. Except that, at Times, a visage shows through From among this subhuman Jungle. Something vaguely like A human semblance all of a Sudden materializes and asks The way to somewhere. Or Simply a way out – if any. The Flux breaks for no longer than A mo. The small fluctuation is Right away reabsorbed. Walk, Don’t walk. The swarm coolly Ignores the infinitesimal leak In the scheme. They keep on Ambulating downstream, until Somebody again emerges out Of anytime-everywhere-nobody.

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