The Circle of O

Wendy Sullivan

for Joseph

Sacred Circle
Unbroken Line,
Fingers Curved
Sphere of Spirit.

Lunar Mansions
Ring of Stones,
Signs of the Zodiac
The Planets Course.

The Wheel of Time
Wind and Water,
Energy Cosmic
Prayer as Source.

Hymns as Halos
Mandalas for Minds,
Essences Mapped
Template for Insight.

Inner Landscape
Nothingness - Void,
Diamond Self
In Selflessness

O for Order
Within that Space,
Pupil of Eye
Full Moon's Reflection.

Eros and Thanatos
Dimple of Chin,
Round Table Arthur,
Saturn and Its Rings.

The Cherry,
The Orange,
The Damson or Plum
The Belly - A Button
Round the Buttocks - a Bum.

The Circle of O
Consciousness Coil,
Hand over Hand
The Promised Land.

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