Tell the Cincinnati Police to Stop Killing Black People
In an effort to provide solidarity to the Black resistance
in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) in the midst of recent riots and 
a draconian curfew policy, Panic! Brixton Poetry invites all
who find this page to contact the Cincinnati police and tell
them to stop killing Black people.

Cincinnati police:

001-513-352-3505 (West End)
001-513-352-3591 (Hyde Park)
001-513-352-3574 (Price Hill)
001-513-352-3576 (Avondale)
001-513-352-3578 (Clifton)

The Cincinnati Riots arose in response to the most recent killing, 
by the police, of an unarmed Black man, the fifth since November.

George Bush Sr. once called Cincinnati his favourite city.  

Perhaps, this is due to it being the "Apartheid of the Heartland".  
In the "Queen City" one finds a segregated city where affluent whites 
live in the suburbs or in fancy riverside high rises and the large 
black population crammed into the urban sectors, including places 
like College Hill and old German enclaves such as Over the Rhine.  
Conveniently for the white middle class, the inner city is separated 
geographically from the suburbs by a "greenbelt" called Mt. Airy Forest.

One will rarely see a black family cross this "Great Divide". 

It is time to do something to change this situation of oppression and 
exploitation of our brothers and sisters in the struggle for freedom.

Panic! urges all to make the effort to make the call!

Stop Police Brutality!  Stop Racist Violence!


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