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Cheri Blair's Test Tube Baby

James Luchte


 myriad    indefinite       ruptures 
        maelstroms       not at all very special  
    fractures glass cage  fragments lacerate 
 anything goes de facto    conceals insurrections 
    against whatever ya got   nothingness & boredom 
        merely facile pretexts     nowhere betwixt 
         stillness & silence   it opens just before
    it closes again forever   in this profitable decay 
   permanent war economies      matrical pogramatic
 murder gangbang GDP     motherfuckers of invention
there is always a large   market for amputations 
  & cancer & cancer accessories  parallel technologies
    that's why its real good    to have crack dealers
  in your neighborhood   exploit your own for the CIA
      don't even get me started   talkin' 'bout AIDS & all  
 dat genetic & cultural  warfare deployed against     us 
   year after year after   a scarab or a heather beetle  dances 
     in the light of a    candle   crawls into that     darkness 
    toward the Apache  pipe red black & white    Arizona 1991        
bought it 1992  at a native store NYC    at 9th & 2nd from a         
human being   don't remember how much    it has   three holes 
       that get         wider when i scrape them     to get resin        
when   there  is  no weed     pretty harsh    gotta  hold        
your mouth a special way or   you'll burn your throat    
 the fucking baby is crying    again three days he decides              
to wake up around 1am   & stay up till four or five   
        she reminds me she is tired   i tell her i am nothing
  but that is probably half a lie  perhaps i can be more cheerful
    do more breathing exercises   sit up straight or exercise
 stop drinking coffee & wine   get up early go to bed  early  get         
a fuckin' job     start earning    some goddamned              
money   or       else get my stinking     ass outta this house
          or maybe i will buy    a sharp knife & make 
              a trip to the Commons   cut tony blair's cock off
           so he won't be able to    bring any more children
     into the world with those    eyes & that face, his 
    merely ideas of mussolini nation simulacra & an asshole         
that could crack a walnut    this reality of his fiscal                 
discipline is a closet anal fixation on his retention      
    of excrement in da rectum     recurrent simulation   wish        
fulfillment  anal intercourse    'from the inside'  tony blair    
squeezes his    shit           sphincter, shoving it     up     
 deep back distends colon            perhaps wishing that                
someone would come & cut off          his   cock & freeze          
it    so when it was good, hard & cold                
they  will shove     it up his freckled white ass                       
sends him    beyond to    his orgasmic third way                 
strategies & pleasures via    dis  ecstasy of  pure brand

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