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Black Beans

James Luchte


even with Allende dead, our mother's heart is
still calm - bodies of chaos fester in the streets -
no one is safe at night they come - take him away
next it is her & another
-- four in one night twenty disappear --
thousands herded into this stadium cranks its grind via
saturation turbine artillery - several hours regurgitates
flesh to hamburger pulp hair skin eyes
face drains away oblivion dire terror anxious
exhaust sweat slides through breathlessness loud
speakers & body cavity searches but she does not
dread these days to come - her tears
escape for her child she feeds her precious
love with black beans - her sacred treasure
her trust & covenant with this earth black beans
grown for millenia in South Central America - protein rich
black gold suture for lacerations this rape of Chile
nixon now dead pinochet & their cia thugs & all for
insideous copper industries & communication giants itt -
hitlerian revolutions for hire - keep their world safe
for unconditional private property orchestrates
profit maximized ejaculations &
gluttoned opulent hypocrisy laughs until it pees &
shits itself rolls round upon da floor hypocrisy chokes
hysterical titillates henry kissenger
droans surgical: Chilean democracy is too important a matter
to be left to the will of the Chilean people... & big lies
disseminate & spawn all these mediocre cowards that click
their heals & fall into line still our mother holds
her black beans close to her heart - these will see
her through storms of deathmad power lusts its
rapturous orgy of nihilistic solipsism
she holds these black beans close ==
now they come for you - for her black beans - they have
taken all those men & women who would resist -
fight back AGAINST, say a word or two under their breath
walk through der checkpoints -- they come to take
away your future - they hunger for your treasure -
take away her black beans slash milk
flowing breasts from her chest they take away our black beans
& rape our mother leave her bleed for dead annihilate these
black beans & our mother our children they kill this black bean -
remove our treasure from her heart of faces * souls * bodies
if there's a will there's a way, she sighs dying this crucial black
bean removed - displaces via soy beans what da heavies call
import substitution, the quick & easy way for positive profit
despite [] consequences. an entire generation lost
brain damage starvation death --- suture, nutrition,
her treasure disappears twenty five years scott
free - senator for life pinochet dances
upon children's graves &
chile is not a democracy

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