“This friend of mine, his name is Bent Marius Nielson, and every day he
stands at the station, the very same station, stationary amongst the
commuters going, and coming, and going, to work, and jobs, and, very
important places. While they come and go, he just stands there, a statue in
the rush.
I think most of them think him a bit strange, I guess most people would,
not so much for his stillness but partly because you can never see the look
on his face. You see, he has this black silk bag he wears over his head. A
lot of people look at him as if he’s crazy… ‘What are you doing standing in
the very middle of a busy train station with a bag over your head! You must
be insane! In-sane!’ That’s what I guess a lot of people think, but never
say, but if you knew him you wouldn’t think that at all, you’d think it
completely normal, you’d understand precisely that that was what he did,
that’s what he needed to do.
Apart from the black bag, I guess the heart kind of freaks people out too.
This heart, he carries it in a jar hanging around his neck from a piece of
string. He got the jar from a supermarket which, after eating the contents,
he peeled the labels off of and cleaned out, and now he keeps his heart in
it. I know this because he told me about it over a few coffees and
cigarettes. So as well as the black bag, the jar kind of pushes him off the
edge of what people call sanity.
Really, if you knew what a cool guy he was, you wouldn’t think that at all,
although, I have to say I’m just speculating, I don’t truly know what people
think. For all I know they might smile at him, they might laugh, they might
think he’s pretty cool too. But I reckon they figure him mad.
And then there’s the leaflets. You know those people who try and commandeer
you on the streets, who are usually looking for you to do something good and
worthwhile, to help some people who aren’t doing so good. Well, he has
leaflets kind of like one of them, although he doesn’t go up to anyone, I
mean he can’t see anything! Plus, his leaflets don’t ask the people to do
anything, most of them are blank. But I guess this perturbs the commuters
along with the bag and the heart. I mean, why would someone hand out
leaflets that don’t say anything?
If you knew him you’d understand. When he described it all to me over those
coffees and cigarettes it made perfect sense. You should’ve seen the look on
his face!”

It was all okay until the authorities took him away. They told him that he
was causing a public disturbance. Poor Bent. He has nothing but my sympathy.

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