Before the Storm

Zelda Rhiando

				   Electric Mary mainlining it
                                   on New York's veins, glows
                             at the wall, naked brickwork stained
                                       with life, years, age
                               in this new place, fast and always
                                          creating itself.

                                  We are the lunatics, stalking
                              sane people hiding in Bellevue from
                             the seething streets, gridlocked, and
                             screaming horns venting frustration
                                        walk, don't walk.

                             Central station silences all, the quiet
                              dome of the heavens overlooks all,
                              ordains all with its pinprick zodiac,
                             a cavern in the belly of a skyscraper.

                            Houses perch at the tops of buildings,
                               stairways snake along their sides
                         trees of heaven sprout from unlikely ledges
                                fighting the gargoyles perched,
                                      and quietly guard all.

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