Oluwarotimi Ogunnubi

Let me hit you with subliminal messages
Interfere with ya sub conscious 
Meditate upon your beauty 
You intimidate me with your mental 
Without making me feel incapable 
Serenade you with my sweet vocals
When the nite is through
We sure to be a couple 
Intensive conversations peaceful confrontation 
Twisting this Afro as I study you 
From the top of ya weave
To the bottom of ya corn less toes
Exposed through those open toe sandals
Engrossed in you 
Simplicity got me captivated 
Intense concentration totally focused on you
Twists slowly turning into locks 
Miss lady got my insides twisted
Wanting to be locked up in you
Can go sum where,
Where we can be alone 
Get to know each otherÖ
Each others bodies 
Baby ya whole package is tight 
Every nite is sure to be right 
Never mind that "I donít give it up 
on the first nite shit"
Amma make you give it up every nite 
Letís make this a routine
Got a Jones for you
Stiff like white folks with no soul 
Erection to inter lock within ya junction
Let me get you in the motion 
Steady as you whimper 
I wanna fuck, I wanna bang, prep,
Hit that, smash that, wax that,
Polish that, tear that up, mash that
I wanna make Love to ya
6 month down the line Maybe?
Can we go half on an orgasm 
Let me slide up inside of you 
Proceed with what these UK bros love act like they donít do 
All alone in a room 
Ainít no telling what I wonít do 
Take a lick on that pom 
Let me suck on that pom 
Take a dip in that pom
Let me wet up that pom
Gimme a taste of that pom 
Let me live in that pom
Set up home in that pom 
Taking time with you
Like De tour De France 
Going through different stages
At the fist stage
Full clothed
Nipples jimmy both hard and erected 
Come the final stage
Butt naked still hard now wet 
Soaked in juices.
When this tour is through 
Whoís gonna be wearing
The yellow jersey?

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