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Anti-Austerity UK Poetry Contest 2015

Rise Up Europe!

Panic! Poetry and Arts Announces the Anti-Austerity UK Poetry Contest! We are seeking poems against Austerity which articulate, in the words of The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (Syriza), the catastrophe of Austerity. We seek Poems which are concrete, visceral and raw, depictions of a cruel and unnecessary human suffering together with ideas for a radical transformation of "society". UPDATE: Due to the horrifying Tory victory, final submissions (all via e-mail) with be extended to 20 June 2015, the day of thge UK wide protests against austerity.
£100 prize.
The best submissions will be published as The Cry of the Oppressed: The Poetry of Anti-Austerity UK (Kindle).

Winning Poem

hang the money changers high

James Luchte

hang the money changers high
we know where they live
no more symbolism    they are stealing our lives      property is theft
telling us   our children that there is a better reward in heaven
if we only let them steal from us now     steal our life
they prey upon our children   their powerlust is sadism financial fools
steal our one and only chance  this moment    this open   this chance
donít let them get away with it    they walk in waistdeep rivers of blood
they have stolen they have killed for too long
throw them from the temple of this life
hang the money changers high    piano wire & salt


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