Another Dumb Poem About Poetry

Ben Myers

I have decided:
poetry is journalism of the soul
if the soul exists
and journalism cares little for facts
which, letís face it, has always been the case.
I write this:
another dumb poem about poetry
during yet another war
because it seems like itís all I can do
apart from joining the Marines and getting my ass blown to smithereens
I think that:
the body of an innocent child
wrecked by an errant missile
isnít poetry
I know that:
three smoking planes crashing
into an image of God
isnít poetry
I know that
a rise in sales of flags
and gas masks and patriotism
isnít poetry
but maybe writing about who and why and what we feel, isÖ. 
Itís official then:
poetry is journalism of the soul
a Bible of purity
amongst the dusty dolomite ruins of manís stupidity.
Forever and ever Amen.

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