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Paradox Amerikkkana

James Luchte


do you really believe 
you are so righteous
hidden within 
der peer belongs 
everybody is doing it
this banality of evil
he says it is ok
spits out propaganda
that is his job
commander in spin
birth of a nation
triumph of the will
40 acres & a mule
you know that you
will be able to go
on simply in your
life without too 
much trouble you
obediently pay
your taxes your 
dues to this regime
of death & control
blood is on your hands
you are a murderer
docile bodies
brainwashed citizens
free speech to those
willing to say der
right thing
boring repetition
nausea suffocation
i got an amerikkkan
flag tatooed on my cock
it gets bigger when
I get hard...
birthed upon blood
murder & deceit, 
sadistic genocide,
continuous projection
becomes the permanent
alibi & cover-up
a world erased,
inconsolable loss,
a five hundred year
old active crime scene,
echoes of the screams
haunt the paradox.

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