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Alternatives to Glue

James Luchte


 d amiana aphrodisia & pagan 
 ph ilosophy joyrides, Corrupt 
the  Youth!, lovely boys & girls,  
      snif fin' their tubes of glue, 
tell  them the supple truth, or 
sed      uce  their voracious curiosities  
      r uptive magical resemblances
& YOU go tta loot those rich people's 
houses! D rive them to the shore! & 
see how these ethereal feelings 
  converge i nto chiasmic ecstasy
as  you sing  delirious screams
& b uy 10 pac ks of heavenly 
blue  morning glory seeds
soak  in water 3 daze                             or
chang e  water 3 per diem                          soak 
to get rid of poison coating                      wormwood
& mercury preservatives                            ipomea
that cause horrible days                             skunk
 of delirious vomiting                                pernod   
t  ake my word for it &                                make
 even better, grow your own seeds                     absinthe
you  can get hundreds of seeds                        (add
f rom a single vine                                  calamus 
le t them dry out & then                                root
grind them up, about 300                             hyssop
to  600 seeds til you get                               valerian
a peppered cornflower                                   etc.
t extured powder place                                   ginseng
it  in a bottle of cold                                 ground
wat er release built-up air pressure                     fennel  
once a day or  it will explode!                          seed 
&  soak for three days                                    ho
strain & drink this strange                                shou
pi nk or red or  brown or black                            wu
it  all depends on the seeds                              smoke  
liquid suddenly  slows me down                            hops 
 or  throws or sends me                                    graft
i nto a differing temporal                              hopsvine
 doma in rhythmic/visual visceral waves                 onto  
mushr oom plasticity rain dance torrents               marijuana  
storm clouds lightning sutures sever                   & grow into
e arth sky night & eat cactuses of                   hops with THC
a plethora of possible tribes                      put this into beer
 ha  llucinogenic encounters windows                   w/ poppy         
doors gatwwaaays eat roasted                         pipes (capsules)
mammillaria (peyote substitute)                        or, 
 drink  san pedro & smell vaginas &                    justsmoke
c ocks fifty feet away BE PHYSICAL! &                  DMT (mushrooms)
ta lk to dead German students                           & see
killed in munich in 1943                                 elves
gu illotined for subversion &                           playing  
o ne of  their philosophy                              flying    
professo rs who stands                                  pianos
a  mong the  few german 
p hilosophe rs who 
saw fit to  rebel - if 
yo u don't th row away 
yo ur love of ultra-comfortable 
 security, cas t it to the wind 
& begin your e cstatic journey 
towards nothingness amidst 
t his singular c hance, 
you will miss this fragile 
opening, a spark in the Night,
 you may not suffer much, w/ your
tube of glue & a ll, having kept 
P andora's box securely fastened, 
you place your na  sty little
' truth' deep down i n the dark cellar
b ut some time soon - all at once -
yo ur secrets will bu rst out                               horse  
in to this open, beyon d your control,                   blinders  
your docile soul will  vent its vindictive                  hide   
 revenge as cancer eats away at your face,             your face
gnawing a way that nose y ou stick                      away deep
up a nazi's asshole so y  ou can                         behind fumes 
get paid & you will sit around & sniff                      of glue
  your glue, drink your lag er & die of aids            effervesce 
or  brain damage & it really  doesn't                  blood drowned              
matter if you do or  if you don't                         secrets
what's the value of a life                               wash away
these days anyway? out of the                           awareness
ine xplicable vortice of                              blind spots   
eter nal cosmic oblivion                             deafening        
a light glistened over the waves                   silence
of time, throughout the eons                      announces
of ex istence, across the                            death
intricate lacework of                               extinction
su blime evolutions &                             of the old 
 revolutions, until                             ways, long tried
thi s surge of being                            & true, poesis  
arri ved here, with me                          & shamanic tribes 
& you & your tube of glue &                      erases all
my yell ow broom flowers,                        continents
mixed  in  equal parts w/                       nihilo ratio
nicotiana , lobelia, datura                      slashes its 
& colt sfoo t (smoke like a                    way across
joint) & we   shrug our shoulders                 rights of
& we ju st can 't get our heads                  sacred
around i t anyw ay since                       perception
we just drank a                               one genocide
  kava kava cock tail,                         to the next         
grind up a few grams                         murder is our    
of the root & soak                        daily bread &
it in cocunut milk                          our life
strain & drink)                           we are farmers &
& feel really                              producers & dealers 
chilled out                                   of death
  3  hours

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