All Black

Anthony Metivier

All black. God will not watch over - 
Large in dark, forest of midnight, footless, falling 
into church 
Jazz floating in from a distant corner 
Signatures in saxophone black. God will not watch 
over - 
Beyond tone, beyond mastery, beyond the things 
fine and mellow 
We the weak broken at the knees 
Present only in prayer, in the love of prayer, 
knuckles, foreheads yellow 
Glassblack, dagger handle black, kicked in the centre 
by an ordinary man. 
God will not watch over - 
.... who shrieks in this morning, opening an 
ineloquent faucet of sound 
killing that organ so low 
killing that black saxopohone 
Silent black, the axe-man sharp from a pig-killing 
atop a hill of shallow 
come begging with scathing eyes and bleeding axe 
and and and 
the soul is simple in this music, against and supposed

blasphemous in all black. God will not watch over - 
Unacceptable, expresses the pew 
asserts the B-3 up front, unacceptable ... strong 
music moving down the copper wires will conduct 
electricity or words 
or songs neither sick nor pretending 
and we are surprised to find ourselves drunk and in 
a pump is broken. the velocity is increased 
a pattern, wild and honest, slumps, deceased 
foul guitar medicine arrives too late on strings jet 
All black. God will not watch over - 
Chorus of angels drawing polygons stuttering square 
vowels like warring polecats the axe-man races to 
up front the B-3 squeeling like a convict with bad 
intentions and black teeth...all black. God will not 
watch over - 
Song and music engage the winged noise regime 
Next year is your year, baby ... come the vibes... 
In black 

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