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James Luchte


the repetitive shock sustains 
an imprint - a false blue sun
glows after the bright blind light
the imprint remains cognitively organized
docile awareness - priorities - preferences
i walk into the site the situation of purchase
each bright & bizarre label package
reactivates the message & the medium
the reproduction of the political economy
is at stake - Consumerism is a patriotic duty!
vampire cornflakes terror at my skull - music
images lights edits - showers emergent contours
I walk toward the vampire cornflakes caught
in the rhythm of seduction & training - 
message after message after a certain
point the message captures a soul
you dance to the crack of Its whip
without these anonymous narratives
one would enter a Supermarket as if
on LSD - look at all the pretty colours!
the quaker oat guy has horns on his head!
but properly trained, I will walk through
the site of commodity fetish & allow that
advertising campaign which has burned its
message most deeply into my soul to 
determine my preferences vis-a-vis 
this plethora of commodities presented
for my rapturous gaze in the linear
configuration of a television simulacrum
the production quality of advertisements
far exceeds the very shows they ostensibly
support - in my anxiety for sophisticated
creativity, I long for the next block of
commercials - to fathom what we could really
do if our existence was not that of alienation
& estrangement amidst this dispossession of our
people - locked-out via a sham lie of a democracy
Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness!
Fourty Acres & a Mule!  Repatriations!
Give Me Liberty or Give Me A Brand New Car!
You have nothing to fear but fear itself!
I did not have sex with that woman - I am not 
a crook - we hold these truths to be self-evident -
I pledge allegiance to freedom & its excessive 
unbound surreal expression & radical existence
under the sky with liberty & justice for all
united we stand, divided we fall - we trust
I do not recollect that to which you refer
Toxic packages hypnotize me as I drowse
from aisle to aisle in the dream of Apollo
Dionysus lies down ready for lethal injection
brainwashed sheep corraled & prodded via music 
style stylings - orchestrated existing conditions
prisoners underground body cavity searches rapes
that radical outside - containment company world
I pick up the vampire cornflakes in a whim & toss 
them into the shopping cart in a frenzy of social 
interaction & inverted, estranged fulfillment...
Barcelona tells me to Eat the Rich! - but I hope 
I will never have to be that desperate - but amid
this contour of the game - I am ruling nothing out...


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