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Panic! Poetry & Arts is a place of poetry, writing & art founded in Brixton, South London (UK) in 1998.

Panic! began as a print poetry and art magazine which went to 7 editions between 1998 and 2001.

In 1999, Panic! went online and it has retained its original format until the present.

Since its founding, Panic! has grown into an international poetry and arts space with scores of contributors from around the globe.

Panic! is commited to free expression and welcomes submissions from all.

Panic! is opposed to censorship and the corporate domination of information and life.

Panic! seeks out work which trangresses the all-too-narrow horisons of mainstream expectations and sensibilities.

We seek out radical and experimental writing, art, poetry, philosophy, politics and theology.

We prefer submissions which are pasted on an e-mail or given as a link.

Panic! cannot accept attachments, but welcome URL's and other links, such as Websites and blogs.

We suggest that you create your own Blog for your poetry and send us the link. The contemporary publishing industry is a market driven bureacracy of censorship, and writers have been too long forced to grovel and conform to the critieria of marketability. The best thing you can do is to liberate yourself from this feudal subjugation of creativity and get your work out there by any means necessary.

Poets, writers, and artists retain control over their works.

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