Dorel Cheminson

Our identity.
it is 1998
two years to the millenium
we lie in wait
spirit dead

eco warriers
high in the trees or
buried in the underground
no one can reach them there
fight for what they believe
a fight against time

people talk of
government bomb nations
they pay ransoms
for terrrorists

no salvation
no awareness
uncivilised times
as gone before
not left behind

the police force is infiltrated with

across the road nazis prowl
BNP's carry
British steel knives
in exchange for Afrikan's lives

children are abused
they are battered to death
sexually traumatised
before they grow up
that is the reality
and when I woke up this morning
another mother cried for her son
why should it be this way
that black men are cut down so young
not staying their time under the sun
it doesn't matter how hard they try to run

never allowed to grow
never never
find freedom never
be free.

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