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11/3/00 welcome to the 21st century:

OK No more unfulfilled promises about updates, I am having a bash at redoing the whole thing though 

First published 14/10/98 This is an ongoing site, new links and features will be added as & when I can. There should be majorish changes about the 21st of each month. Any suggestions, comments or contributions would be very welcome. If you have a website that you would like us to include a link for then please let me know and I'll fit it in if it seems appropriate   

Meetings: All welcome Dates & Venues and FREEBEER
Who? A little about BWIG
Music A few samples of Irish music& links to much more
The LARA Venue for most of our meetings and some events. Location & information.
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Gino Lupari

St Patrick's Day 2000

New Links 
John O'Hagan has an excellent website for all things Irish John O'Hagan
If you're quick off the mark there's still time to contribute to this Manchester based photographic project for lesbian Irish women. 
Visit the website or email Lynne Connolly


Sports (more coming soon)  
The London Irish website LondonIrish
 The Irish Post Sports
Irish Times Sport Pages 
Information, Media and Community sites 
For  LINKS to:     Map of Ireland (Large jpeg file) | Political Parties | Political Organizations| Political Information | Other Perspectives | Irish News and Information| Irish Gaelic | Culture, Literature and Music | Tourism   
Education | Miscellany | More Links|Irish news, culture and discussion mailing lists | Larkspirit's Bookshop
For 'services frequently required by Irish peopleliving in London' TheIrish 
in London:
Lewisham Irish Community Centre Lewisham Irish. 

Community Centre

Oideas Gae: Irish language and cultural studies Oideas-gael.
The Irish Post Irish Post.
Irish Times Sport Pages Irish Times
In putting this site together I have tried to avoid using excessive graphics and other large files so hopefully it should load nice and quick.  
If you have any comments, bits and pieces you'd like to add to our site, or just want to say 'hello' then emails are very welcome at BWIG@WHICH.NET  or better still; come along to one of our meetings or events.  

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