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Young Timothy Dempsey Jungurrayi

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Barking Spider Dreaming Barking Spider Dreaming (1998): (130x100cm acrylic on linen)This dreaming story is Barking Spider. The roundels that are dotted are sacred sites. The solid circles are the spiders hole in the ground where he lives. No further details were given. This paiting shows excellent dot work and the colours and designs are magnificent with a strong sense of symmetry.

This painting sold to the first person that I showed it to which sums up the demand for Young Timothy's work.


Spear Straightening Dreaming Spear Straightening Dreaming(1999): (129x128cm acrylic on linen)This painting tells the story of the ceremonies associated with spear straightening. The spears are indicated by the straight lines and the roundels represent sacred sites in this dreamtime story. Some of the roundels are meeting places where women gather and others are where the men gather for the spear straightening ceremonies.

The artist would give no further information on this story due to the sacred nature of this dreaming.

This magnificent painting shows Timothy's excellent use of colours, strong symmetry and outstanding dot work and the photo does not do this large painting justice. It shows why Timothy's paintings are in high demand and since his passing they have more than tripled in value and are becoming very difficult to get hold of.