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Michael Tommy Japangati

Michael Tommy
Born c.1960

Michael was born around 1960 in Alice Springs and is married to Barbara Charles Napaltjarri, both are Anmatyerre speakers. Michael and Barbara live at Mt Allan and they are both accomplished and highly sought after artists. Michaels country is around Coniston and he usually paints his fathers Perentie Dreaming. He also paints Snake Dreaming and Honey Ant Dreaming.

When Clifford Possum Passed away both Michael and Cassidy Japaltjarri carried out special ceremonies to bring the spirit and body of Clifford back to his country. During this time Michael painted special paintings in the sand, as did Cassidy. He has recently produced some paintings that reflect the elements of Cliffords early work and these are magnificent paintings.

Michael began painting around 1982 at Laramba and his work is strong with intersting effects and variations on the normal dotting seen in work from this area. He uses lines, dots and striking images of animals in his work which makes for a striking effect. The work of Michael is very collectible and is highly sought after in Australia, Europe and America.

Here are some examples of the work by Michael Tommy Japangati.