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Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa

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Maureen Water Dreaming Maureen Water Dreaming 2 Water Dreaming(2000) (130x82cm, acrylic on cotton):

This dreaming was inherited from Maureen's mother and shows three important water holes and the small rockholes and creeks that flow into them. In times of high water the waterholes are linked by a river as shown running down the centre of the painting. Water is very important in the desert and many dreamtime stories are related to water and where to find it - especially in times of drought. Maureen's work is typical of the newer generation of artist where they are using the acrylic medium in new and innovative ways whilst still maintaining the traditional stories. SOLD

My Country My Country (2003) (128x43cm, acrylic on linen):

This painting is magnificient.

This is a recent change seen in Maureens work where she uses purely black and white or black and white with minimal colour added. This painting almost has a three dimensional quality due to the varying sizes and spacing of the dots. If you have flown over the sand dunes and salt lakes in South Australia and Northern Territory you will instantly understand why the paiting is called "My Country" as it reflects just that, Maureen's land from an aerial perspective.

Bush Plum Dreaming Maureen Plum Dreaming 2 Bush Plum Dreaming (2001) (128x47cm, acrylic on cotton):

Fire Dreaming Fire Dreaming(1999) (118x43cm, acrylic on linen):