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Janet Forrester Ngala

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Janet Forrester Bush Banana Dreaming Bush Banana Dreaming (1999) (80x70cm, acrylic on cotton):

This painting by Janet shows the radiating vines of the Bush Banana which grows wild in many areas in Central Australia. The use of multicolour dots (look closely at the painting to see these) produces an almost three dimensional quality. The painting is striking and is an excellent example of Janet's work.

The Bush Banana (Yuparli) is a vine which climbs up other trees and shrubs and it is an important food source for the Aboriginal people. The plant has cream flowers and green leaves and these colours can be seen in this spectacular painting. SOLD

Milky Way Dreaming Milky Way Dreaming (1999) (120x80cm, acrylic on cotton):

Milky Way Dreaming depicts the soft glowing stars and dark patches of the Milky Way. In the Australian desert this is no light pollution, so the skies are richer and more enthralling than in the cities and this painting captures some of the brightness and beauty of the stars!

Most of the stars in the heavens have stories associated with their origins. It is believed that the stars and planets were once people and animals in the Dreamtime. This is a painting of the story of the seven sisters, which were the mythological sisters of the Tjukurrpa. The seven sisters are being pursued by a Jakamarra man, the morning star in Orion's belt. In a final attempt to escape Jakamarra, the women turn into fire at Kurlunyalimpa and ascend to the heavens to become stars. Today they can still be seen wandering the skies as the seven stars in the constellation Taurus (Pleiades). SOLD

Sugar Bag Dreaming Sugar Bag Dreaming (1999) (128x50cm, acrylic on cotton):

This painting depicts women collecting "sugar bag" which is native honey. This nutritious bush tucker is a favourite with the Aboriginals. The red circles are the holes in which the bees set up their hives. The native black bees store honey in trees and the women collect the honey during the cool sunset hours.The colours depict this time of day.The red ochre pit in the centre depicts the desert country. SOLD