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The galleries are arranged by artist as this seems the most logical method of arranging the paintings. Links are provided below by artists name and these take you directly to the gallery page associated with that artist. If you would like to know more about the artists then please go to the artists page which contains links to a biography of each artist and also provides a link to the artwork of that particular artist.

The images in the galleries represent both paintings that are for sale, those that are in private collections and a selection of paintings that have been found on other web sites. Where feasible those from other web sites contain links to take you there.
Warning: Selecting the link pages for artists listed as "Deceased" will display an image of the artist.

menu 1 links forum link galleries bibliography culture artists home Long Jack Phillipus Long Jack Phillipus Jakamarra
Jack cook Jack Cook Jangala
Michael Nelson Tjakamarra Michael Nelson Jakamarra
cassidy Cassidy Japaltjarri
michael tommy Michael Tommy Japangardi
leslie_daniels Leslie Daniels Jampinjinpa
Young Timothy Dempsey Young Timothy Dempsey Jungarrayi
Janet Forrester Janet Forrester Ngala
Maureen Hudson Maureen Hudson Nampinjinpa
William Sandy William Sandy
Dean Briscoe Jakamarra

If you require further information or would like information on particular artists please send me an email.