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The custody of each painting (or dreaming) is determined by tribal skin relationships. The skin groups acutally depend on the tribal group and I have presented those based on the Walpiri language group. There are eight male skin groups (beginning with T) and eight female skin groups (beginning with N). Joined boxes show correct marriage. Arrows point from the marriage partners to the children

The spelling of the skin names is taken from the book Papunya Tula which was written by Geoffrey Bardon. The skin names are often spelt differently in the popular press with the most common being the omission of the "T" from the male groups.

These skin names are used for many of the western desert tribes but are actually the Walpiri names. The Anmatyerr do not have a difference in skin name for men or women (however, there are differences for the children depending on their sex). To help the reader please see the comparison between Anmatyerre and Walpiri skin names. You will need to do a little thinking to work out all the relationships as I have not given both male and female names for the Walpiri groups (only one for each marriage group).

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