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Cassidy Japaltjarri

Cassidy Japaltjarri
Born c. 1923, passed away 25th February 2006

Born at Napperby around 1923. Cassidy sadly passed away suddenly on 25th February 2006. I have removed the normal bigraphical notes and will replace them with a fitting tribute to a wonderful man. Cassidy was an ambassador for his people and was full of warmth and always willing to talk to strangers.

I will remember him as a wonderful man, a man that made me laugh, a man that taught me so much about Aboriginal ways, Aboriginal legend and Aborginal art. He shared many of his dreamings with me and I was fortunate to visit many sacred and secret sites that were very special to him. I have, and will always have, wonderful memories of a wondeful man.

Most of all, however, I will miss my good mate Cassidy Stockman Japaltjarri,