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The Art of Michael Jagamarra Nelson

By Vivien Johnson
Hardcover - 167 pages
Craftsman House, 1996;
ISBN: 9766410135

The Art of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

By Vivien Johnson
Gordon and Breach Art International, 1994
ISBN: 9768097450

Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia

By Peter Sutton (Editor)
Hardcover - 266 pages
George Braziller
ISBN: 0670824496

Art of Utopia : A New Direction in contemporary aboriginal art

By Michael Boulter
Hardcover - 180 pages
Craftsman House, 1991
ISBN: 9768097159

Art from the Land : Dialogues With the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art

By Howard Morphy (Editor), Margo Smith Boles (Editor)
Paperback - 266 pages
University Press of Virginia, 2000
ISBN: 0646370871

Contemporary Aboriginal Art : A Guide to the Rebirth of an Ancient Culture

By Susan McCulloch
Hardcover - 240 pages (Also available in Soft Cover)
University of Hawaii Press, 1999
ISBN: 0824822684

Stories: 11 Aboriginal Artists

By Christine Mundine, Djon Moon, Diane Kentish, Duncan Johnson, Vivien Brody, Marie Anne
Hardcover - 176 pages
Craftsman House, 1997
ISBN: 9057041316

Aboriginal Art (World of Art Series)

By Wally Caruana
Paperback - 216 pages
Thames and Hudson Publishing, 1993

Australian Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art of Australia

Aboriginal Art

By Howard Morphy

Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and Culture

By Sylvia Kleihert (Editor)
Hardcover, 2001
ISBN 0195506499

Papunya Tula

By Geoffrey Bardon
Hardcover, 140pages
Published by McPhee Gribble, 1991
ISBN: 0869141600

Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert - A Biographical Index

By Vivien Johnson
Craftsman House, 1994
ISBN: 9768097817

Yiribana Art Gallery of New South Wales...

ISBN: 073104164

Images of Power: Aboriginal Art of the...

ISBN: 0724101608

Aboriginal Art Exhibitions:...

ISBN: 1872022510

Contemporary Aboriginal Painting

ISBN: 9768097493

Dreaming of the Desert : Aboriginal Dot Paintings of the Western Desert

By Vivien Johnson, Ron Radford, Jane Hylton
Art Gallery of South Australia, 1998
ISBN: 0730830659

Aboriginality ,Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings and Prints

By Jennifer Isaacs
University of Queensland Press, 1989

Dreamings = Tjukurrpa : Aboriginal Art of the Western Desert
Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker(Editor), Rafael Salazar (Photographer)
Published 1997

Marking Our Times : Selected Works of Art from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection at the National Gallery of Australiaby National Gallery of Australia, Avril Quaill
Paperback - 80 pages
Thames Hudson, 1996;
ISBN: 0500974314

Songlines and Dreamings : Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art
Patrick Corbally Stourton, et al
Published 1996
Out of Print

Aboriginal Paintings of Australia : Exploring Cultural Traditions (Art Around the World)
Carol Finley
Library Binding
Published 1999

Ancestral Connections : Art and an Aboriginal System of Knowledge
Howard Morphy
Published 1992

Bad Aboriginal Art : Tradition, Media, and Technological Horizons (Theory Out of Bounds, Vol 3)
Eric Michaels, et al
Published 1994
ISBN: 0816623414

Aboriginal Australian Art
Ronald Berndt(Editor), et al
Published 1999

"Warlpiri Dreamings and Histories"
By Yimi Kirli, translated by Peggy Rockman Napaltjarri and Lee Cataldi
Publised by the Sacred Literature, Harper Collins Publishing in 1994

"Australian Aboriginal Paintings"
By Jennifer Isaacs
Published by Lansdowne Publishing Pty. Ltd. in 1989

"Aboriginal Art and Spirituality"
By Rosemary Crumlin and Anthony Knight
Published by Dove, An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers in 1991


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