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There are probably 20,000 disabled adults and children in the Highlands and Islands. Most of these suffer from arthritis, backache or illnesses like stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Hydrotherapy is a kind of physiotherapy and a specialist treatment to ease pain and increase mobility in people suffering from these illnesses.

If you are disabled, handicapped, injure or just interested in keeping fit hydrotherapy might he helpful for you.

The warm pool can be used by mentally and physically disabled people to exercise and improve their quality of life. Hydrotherapy also helps to speed recovery from injury at work and sport and offers a great way of exercising and promoting good health.

Hydrotherapy is a type of exercise carried out in a specially heated pool. The buoyancy of the water and the extra heat relax the body's muscles and ligaments which allows you to carry out pain relieving exercises and improve your fitness. The intensity of exercise needs to be adjusted according to your age and fitness and is best supervised by a trained instructor or a physiotherapist.

Sessions usually last for around an hour and are often carried out in groups and are fun as well as being good for your health. Depending on your requirements hydrotherapy is usually given in "courses" of weekly sessions. The Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool has been built by a registered charity for the people of the Highlands and Islands. If you are disabled, handicapped, injured or just interested in keeping fit hydrotherapy might be helpful for you.

Clubs and groups can book the Hydrotherapy Pool for once or twice weekly sessions. If you are part of a keep-fit club or disabled group you may be a possible user of Hydrotherapy.

Contact the Puffin Pool Office

(Tel: 01349 864414) for further details.

If you are not a member of a group you can attend individually for assessment and advice.

The Cost of Hydrotherapy

The Puffin Pool will provide a supervisor/life saver but depending on the size of the group, additional help may be required. More disabled people may also need additional helpers. Hydrotherapy sessions will be subsidised but a group booking charge will be made.

1996/97 Charges 90 minute Hydrotherapy Sessions (Up to 60 mins. pool time)

Disabled groups and non-profit making organisations -

3-10 people - 1~ inclusive of VAT

Other groups - 3.10 people - 2S inclusive of VAT


You may wish to use the Puffin Pool as an individual. Firstly you must attend one of our regular Physiotherapy Assessment Sessions. The physiotherapist will show you some exercises to do and give general advice on using the pool in the future.

Following this you will be invited to attend a weekly session with other individual users.

Physiotherapy Assessment: 10 inclusive of VAT

Individual Session: 2.50 inclusive of VAT

Any of the above can be arranged by contacting Richard Hanson or Rosaline MacDonald at the Puffin Pool.

Puffin hydro-therapy Pool

Ferry Road, Dingwall, IVIS 9Q5 Telephone/Fax: 01349 864414

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