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(BRITISH) UK Trade name products: (Delta-Cortil) (Delta-Stab) (Precortisyl) (Prednesol)

(AMERICAN) US Trade name products which contain prednisolone include: (Pediapred) (Articulose) (Delta-Cortef) (Hydeltrasol) (Hydeltra-TBA) (Key-Pred) (Key-Pred-SP) (Nor-Pred-TBA) (Predaject) (Predalone) (Predate-50) (Predate-S) (Predate-TBA) (Predcor 25) (Predcor 50) (Pediacort-50) (Prelone) (Articulose-50) (Key-Pred 25) (Key-Pred 50) (Pedaject-50) (Pedalone 50) (Pedalone T.B.A.) (Predcor Tba) (Pedicort-50) (Pedicort-Rp)


This oral systemic corticosteroid medication is used to treat a number of conditions:


Swelling, fluid retention, hypertension, muscle weakness, compression fractures, peptic ulcers, pancreatitis, impaired wound healing, seizures, menstrual irregularities, manifestations of diabetes, and cataracts.


  1. Should not be used in patients with systemic fungal infections.
  2. Corticosteroid therapy can mask the signs of infection and decrease the immunity to infection.
  3. Potassium supplementation may be necessary.
  4. Should not receive any immunisations while on steroid medications (particularly smallpox or attenuated virus vaccines).
  5. Use with anticholinergics may cause glaucoma.
  6. Use with oral anticoagulants (Warfarin) can decrease anticoagulant effect.
  7. Use with anticonvulsants can decrease prednisolone effect.
  8. Use with oral hypoglycaemic agents (diabetes pills) can decrease antidiabetic effect.
  9. Use with aspirin can increase prednisolone effect.
  10. Use with barbiturates can decrease prednisolone effect and lead to oversedation.
  11. Use with beta-blockers can decrease prednisolone effect.
  12. Use with thiazide diuretics may lead to potassium depletion.
  13. Use with cholestyramine or colestipol can decrease prednisolone effect.
  14. Use with oral contraceptives can increase prednisolone effect.


Adults: oral, 5-60 mg/day in a single or divided doses

Paediatric: oral, 2 mg/kg body weight a day in three to four doses.

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