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The Ross Memorial Hospital is a long-term stay and cares for elderly patients, and it has 14 beds.

Incorporated into the Ross Memorial Hospital is the Highland Rheumatology Unit, (HRU) this hospital only deals with patients with rheumatology problems.

The HRU is an excellent hospital with superb facilities for physiotherapy and treatment; the staff are a very dedicated and develop a friend type relationship with the patients that return for in-patient treatment. When you are in-patient, you also have access to the Puffin Pool on 3 days a week for Hydrotherapy.

Sister Camron, who has had many years working with rheumatology problems, and heads the staff at the HRU. Sister Camron is a very nice person with a caring nature, and always makes sure the HRU runs very smoothly. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, they are always ready to help you and understand how to deal with rheumatology problems.

Ross Memorial Hospital &

The Highland Rheumatology Unit

Ross Memorial Hospital
Ferry Road
IV15 9QS
Tel 01349 863313

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