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Postural Hypotension

Postural hypotension (low blood pressure) is not a disease process, but a condition associated with several different medical problems. This problem is characterised by a temporary drop in blood pressure when there is an abrupt change in body position [when a person stands or sits up from a prone position].

This may cause the patient who suffers from postural hypotension to feel faint, or actually lose consciousness upon standing.


  3. DRUG SIDE EFFECTS (beta-blocker medications, antihypertensives, and diuretics are the common culprits)
  4. ELDERLY PATIENT (advanced age)
  5. BLOOD LOSS (gastrointestinal bleeding is common and frequently unnoticed by the patient)

Treatment is specific to cause. The side effects of drugs can often be alleviated by reducing dosages or completely changing medications. See your doctor before ANY manipulation of your medications. Dehydration can be corrected by increasing in oral fluid intake or through IV fluid hydration if the degree of dehydration seems severe to your doctor. Blood loss in the stools (occult blood) can be detected by chemical testing of the stool sample (this simple "home test" is available at your local pharmacy).

Diabetes and age related (elderly) postural hypotension remains a difficult management problem for doctors. Slow rising from a chair, with avoidance of quick positional changes (from a lying to a standing position) is advisable.

The use of compressive nylon stockings have been successful in some patients. See your doctor for guidance.

Postural hypotension Treatment with Herbs