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This means "nature cure" and involves all therapeutic modalities that will guide the human organism back to an original state of "wholeness", proponents believe that there is healing power present in all living things. The hypothesis stems from the fact that cells in the body work as a functional unit for the good of the body, and that the body in turn works for the good of the constituent cells and rejects waste products. Naturopathy uses nature's resources, which proponents believe contain inherent healing powers. When disease is present, naturopaths say that the vital energy force and inherent healing powers are blocked. The naturopath does not use external remedies, such as drugs or surgery, but uses methods like fasting, hydrotherapy, massage, vitamin and mineral therapy, vegetarian diets, health foods, herbs, mud packs, and exercise. Naturopathy concentrates on disease aetiology. The aim of therapy is to reverse or eliminate the causes of disease by bringing the whole person into the treatment regime. Treatment combinations are usually the norm. Today, naturopathy is becoming widely accepted and indeed students at naturopathy colleges are taught similar courses to students at conventional medical schools. The legal status of naturopathy differs widely from country to country, with total prohibition in some countries, while in others it is licensed and totally regulated.