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This is one of the oldest forms of therapy known to man. Its origins are in the Orient, but it is now widely practised in the West. Oriental massage is designed to give relief from fatigue, sluggishness, stiff shoulders, headaches, and so on. Western massage concerns itself with nerves, joints, muscles, and the endocrine system, and with treating disorders such as strokes, poliomyelitis, numbness and joint pains, chronic abdominal pain, and chronic constipation. The underlying principle of massage is that all information received by the individual must firstly be received by the body, and the way that the body receives it will ultimately affect the way the brain receives it. Therefore, the body affects the mind and conversely the mind affects the body. Massage attempts to unify, co-ordinate, and integrate body and mind by stimulating nerves and muscles, based on the theory that every part of the body is controlled by a spinal nerve. Gentle pressure from the fingertips is used to suppress nerve function and heavier pressure to stimulate.