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Herbs & Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common, non-contagious disease affecting the outer layer of skin. Usually the scalp, back, and arms are most affected. Fortunately, this condition rarely affects the face. Each case of psoriasis is different and requires different remedies. Some of the more common ones are given below.

Symptom Red thickened blotches with a scaly surface. It may be painful and it is always distressing because iris so disfiguring. In rare cases the condition spreads very rapidly and becomes dangerous.


licorice internally and as an ointment for psoriasis that is inflamed.
Yarrow used twice weekly in the bath has proved to be beneficial in some cases.
Burdock Root is the most useful drink, but you need to persist for many months


Bergamot essential oil, cajeput, and Roman chamomile can all be used to some benefit as massage oil. They also bring about some comfort when used in a vaporiser.


Nettle tea and products based on nettles may be helpful.

Take at 'east one tablespoonful of olive oil a day and at tent one raw salad


Can help -the condition.

Avoid licorice if you have high blood pressure or in pregnancy, no not take burdock root during the first six months of pregnancy without expert advice.

Do not apply bergamot oil when exposing the skin to sunlight