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Herbs & Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, occurs quite frequently in children. These cases are generally mild. A more severe form of the disease can result in loss of sight.

Symptom Painful, inflamed eyes and watery discharge or pus 'here may be intolerance to strong light and the eyelids may become swollen.


German chamomile makes effective eyewash. A compress soaked in 'cornflower, chamomile, or marigold Infusions Will soothe.

Diluted witch hazel can be used on sore, red (closed) eyes.


Take vitamin C and vitamin B complex supplements boost the immune system.

To relieve itching, lie down and place cucumber slices over the eyes.


Rinse eyes frequently with cooled, boiled water.

Rub a little olive oil into your lashes before you go to bed to prevent them from sticking together.