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Herbs & Backache

Backache can result from injury to the spine, or occur as a symptom of a number of ailments and diseases, including arthritis, kidney infection, sciatica, and menstrual problems.

SYMPTOMS Pain in any area of the back, often accompanied by referred pain in the legs or, sometimes, the arms, and neck.


Massage cramp bark cream into the back. Alternatively, take cramp bark decoction, tincture, or capsules.


Relaxing in a warm bath to which lavender oil has been added can be very soothing.


It may be helpful to chew a small quantity of horseradish leaves daily to ease pain.


Ice packs will help to relieve backache. You can use a package of frozen peas or ice cubes in a plastic bag if nothing else is handy. Wrap the frozen item in a clean cotton towel and leave in place for about three minutes. Repeat every thirty minutes.

For chronic backache, try placing a warm, moist cloth over the area and leaving in place until it begins to cool. Repeat as necessary.