Hiromi Yagi

Hiromi Yagi


Career Title History

  • December 6 1995 - Defeated Candy Okutsu to win the JWP Junior title. Vacated the title a day later as she wasn't happy with the match, because Candy had suffered an injury.
  • May 6 1996 - Won the vacant JWP Junior title. Lost it on July 27 1996 to Candy Okutsu.
  • December 7 1998 - With Rie Tamada, won the Twin Star of ARSION, defeating Tiger Dream and Ayako Hamada in the tournament final. Lost the titles on June 30 1999 to Mika Akino and Ayako Hamada.

Other Notes

  • Retired from wrestling in 1997 to get married, and returned in July 1998 working as a freelance for several promotions including ARSION.

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