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  • Links

      Here is a select collection of links to other womens wrestling sites. If you have a link you would like added, then email me and I will put up a link if the site is relevant. Please refrain from requesting links to WWF, WCW or 'Women of Wrestling' porn sites. Links to web sites dedicated to specific wrestlers are to be found on the profile of the wrestler in question.

      English Language Sites

    • The History of Women's Pro Wrestling - This site covers the history of womens wrestling, both in America and Japan. There are lots of photos, articles and plenty of other excellent pages.

    • ARSION World - New site with ARSION profiles, photographs, history, title information, messages boards and information on the ARSION Fan Club for English speakers. Great page.

    • Puroresu Power. - Zach Arnold's Japanese wrestling news and tape site.

    • Pro Wrestling Shop - From this site you can buy all kinds of Japanese wrestling merchandise including original commercial videos, t-shirts, women's photo books and much more!

    • The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo - An excellent web site that has almost every title history you could possibly want, hall's of fame, photo's, history of puroresu and a nice section on women's wrestling.

    • Quebrada - Mike Lorefice' Quebrada page contains the Quebrada video review columns, title histories, recommended match listings, a dictionary of Japanese wrestling terms, up-to-date news from all promotions as well as Mike's extensive tape list.

    • Westcotts Wrestling Archives - A really well done site with listings of female wrestlers, as well as male wrestlers and the titles they have held. The site also has a wrestling hall of fame and more!

    • Wrestling Supercards and Tournaments - An excellent page containing results from almost every pay per view and major event.

    • Crazy Max Wrestling Forums, Smarkschoice Joshi Board and A1Wrestling.com Purists board are all very good Japanese women's wrestling discussion boards.

      Japanese Sites

    • G-Panic! Network - The official site of Chigusa Nagayo's GAEA promotion. It has up to date results, news and lineups, extensive profiles of every wrestler in the promotion including photo's. Also includes the Oz Academy's web site. Good pages.

    • JWP Project Official Homepgage - JWP recently launched this new, up to date web site. The design is much easier to follow than the old one, and it looks much nicer. There is a merchandise section that has samples of JWP T-shirts, videos, etc.

    • ARSION Official Homepgage - Schedule information, ARSION title histories and news.

    • Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling - Forthcoming events, results, wrestler profiles, a (Japanese) message board and merchandise information.

    • Jd' - News, results and profiles of the Jd' wrestlers and Astresses.

    • All Japan Women - All Japan Women's new web site is updated regularly with news, profiles, merchandise and video tape listings etc.

      Womens Wrestling