Plum Mariko


Career Title History

  • September 15 1989 - Won the UWA & JWP Junior titles beating Mayumi Ozaki and Cuty Suzuki. Lost the belts to Rumi Kazama on January 10 1990.
  • June 16 1990 - Won the UWA & JWP Junior titles beating Cuty Suzuki in a tournament final. Titles were vacated.

Best Moves

  • Victory Roll to Cross Knee Scissors. A move that sets up as a counter, and finishes up with the opponent in a painful submission hold.
  • Top rope huracanrana. She used this to pin Sakie Hasegawa at Dream Slam. She has the opponent on the top rope, jumps, and gets her legs around their head and pulls back so the opponents lands hard on their head or back.

Other Notes

  • Plum was the first person in Japan to die as a result of injuries suffered in a wrestling match.
  • Although no postmortem was performed at the request of her father, Plum was said to have had head injuries and an abcsess on her brain which may have contributed to the brain damage that killed her.
  • Inducted into the All Japan Womens Hall of Fame on November 29, 1998

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