September 30

    Akira Hokuto
  • GAEA are running the "High Spurt 600 Tournament" over the next couple of weeks. First round draw is Meiko Satomura vs. Kaori Nakayama; Toshiyo Yamada vs. Sugar Sato; KAORU vs. Chikayo Nagashima; Lioness Asuka gets a bye to round two, meeting the winner of KAORU vs. Nagashima; Toshie Uematsu vs. Mayumi Ozaki; RIE vs. Sonoko Kato; Sakura Hirota vs. Akira Hokuto; Chigusa Nagayo gets a bye to round two, meeting the winner of Hokuto vs. Hirota.

  • The Oz Academy appears to be no more as Mayumi Ozaki, Kaori Nakayama, Sugar Sato, Chikayo Nagashima and Akira Hokuto are now known as "Team Nostradamus".

  • All Japan Women's presented a pretty standard house show in Chiba today, headlined by Manami Toyota and Yumiko Hotta defeating Kumiko Maekawa and Momoe Nakanishi in 20:42 - I don't need to tell you who did the job here.

  • JWP on October 8 will have Azumi Hyuga, Dynamite Kansai and Ran YuYu vs. Manami Toyota, Kumiko Maekawa and Momoe Nakanishi as the main event. I'm guessing JWP will get the win here, with Momoe doing the job. Also Devil Masami and Commando Bolshoi take on Yumiko Hotta and Kayo Noumi; Kana Misaki and Tsubasa Kuragaki battle Miho Wakizawa and Nanae Takahashi; finally Carlos Amano and Kayoko Haruyama are against AJW's Kaoru Ito and Miyuki Fujii, presumably JWP will also win this match with Fuji getting pinned. AJW will win the two middle matches, I guess.

    September 29

    Mima Shimoda
  • All Japan Women's ran the Jackie Sato Memorial Show at the Ohta Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo today, drawing an alleged (probably inflated) sellout of 3780.

    As has been the case with many interpromotional shows, AJW wrestlers did a whole bunch of jobs. Main event saw Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita beat AJW's Momoe Nakanishi & Nanae Takahashi by two falls to one, thereby retaining the WWWA Tag Team titles.

    Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue beat Yumiko Hotta & Manami Toyota in the semi-main when Kyoko pinned Hotta with a Victoria Driver after 23:53. Also Kaoru Ito & Kumiko Maekawa beat Chaparrita ASARI & Miho Wakizawa in 17:01 when Maekawa pinned ASARI, and Chikako Shiratori & Kayo Noumi beat Yoshimi Enya & Miyuki Fuji when Shiratori pinned Fuji with a German Suplex Hold after 13:19.

  • JWP Tag Team champions Carlos Amano and Commando Bolshoi defend the belts against a mystery team on October 30.

  • JWP at the Osaka Gym #2 on October 1 will have Kana Misaki & Yoshiko Tamura vs. Dynamite Kansai & Takako Inoue; Devil Masami & Ran YuYu vs. Commando Bolshoi & Carlos Amano; Azumi Hyuga vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki; and Kayoko Haruyama vs. Acute Sae.

  • I don't have the full results from the September 28 JWP event in Tokai, Aichi, only that in the main event Azumi Hyuga, Commando Bolshoi and Kana Misaki defeated Devil Masami, Ran YuYu and Kayoko Haruyama when Kana used La Majistral to pin Haruyama after 15:45. Jd' also had a show yesterday, in Goshogawara, Aomori. Main event saw Lioness Asuka and Morimatsu go over former Judo girls Megumi Yabushita and Sumie Sakai in 14:29 when Lioness pinned Sakai.

    September 27

    Miho Wakizawa
  • All Japan Women's were at the Sports Center in Tokorozawa, Saitama today, in front of a respectable 920 fans. Important matches saw Takako Inoue beat Nanae Takahashi with a Destiny Hammer in 12:58; ZAP I beat Momoe Nakanishi with a Liger Bomb after 16:10, and the regular main event of Veteran+Veteran vs. Veteran+Youngster to job, on this occasion it was Manami Toyota and Kumiko Maekawa defeating Yumiko Hotta and Miho Wakizawa when Toyota used the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex to end it in 16:53.

  • ARSION held a house show at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on September 26. A couple of interesting results came out as Rie Tamada upset Mikiko Futagami in only 7:30, and Yumi Fukawa beat former Queen of ARSION Mariko Yoshida after 14:20. Elsewhere Masked Angel Rosetta debuted, teaming with Chaparrita ASARI to defeat Candy Okutsu and AKINO in 12:21 when Rosetta pinned AKINO with a Jacknife. Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita went over Aja Kong & Mari Apache when Mita pinned Mari in 14:55 with a Death Valley Bomb. Finally Michiko Ohmukai beat Ayako Hamada with a B3 Bomb in 9:26.

  • Neo Ladies drew a poor 480 at Club Citta in Kawasaki on September 26. A pretty average card overall, with Saya Endo beating Miss Mongol via referee stoppage in 8:29; Tanny Mouse going over JWP's Tsubasa Kuragaki at the 10:20 mark; Miho Wakizawa of AJW beat Yuka Nakamura with a Missile Kick in 13:54; Lady Victoria's Japanese tour ended with a loss to Chaparrita ASARI in 5:19, and Kyoko Inoue and Takako Inoue beat Yoshiko Tamura & Misae Genki in 23:12 when Kyoko pinned Genki with a Lariat.

    September 25

    The Bloody
  • Jd' held a house show in Niigata City on September 24, the only results available are that Megumi Yabushita made the first defence of the AWF Women's title, defeating Saya Endo via submission in 13:16, and Lioness Asuka beat The Bloody in 10:08 when the referee stopped the match.

  • Jd' at Club Citta, Kawasaki on October 6 will have Megumi Yabushita defending the AWF Women's title against The Bloody, who won the Jaguar Cup a week or two ago, and an interpromotion match with Lioness Asuka, Morimatsu and KAZUKI against Dynamite Kansai, Kayoko Haruyama and Tsubasa Kuragaki. Presumably this tag match is to build up to a singles match between Asuka and Kansai somewhere down the line. Also Cooga and a mystery partner take on Fang Suzuki and Saya Endo.

  • Jd' on October 9 at NGK Stazio in Osaka will be headlined by The Bloody and Fang Suzuki vs. Megumi Yabushita and Sumie Sakai for the TWF Tag Team titles.

  • GAEA's November tour will be called "Iron Heart".

  • ARSION have "Hyper Visual Fighting Carnival ARSION '99" at the Yokohama Bunka Gym on December 11. Last year ARSION ran the same venue in December for the Yoshida vs. Okutsu Queen of ARSION match and only drew 1,500 people (5,000 capacity), hopefully they'll be able to come up with a match that will actually be a big draw this year.

  • JWP's November tour will be called "Visit". The November 29 show at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo will be taped for television.

  • All Japan Women's have booked the Yoyogi Gym in Tokyo on December 8 for a match between Manami Toyota and Kyoko Inoue.

  • JWP on September 28 will have Devil Masami, Kana Misaki & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Azumi Hyuga, Commando Bolshoi & Kayoko Haruyama; Dynamite Kansai & Acute Sae vs. Carlos Amano & Ran YuYu; Misaki vs. Haruyama; Amano vs. Maya Hashimoto and Kuragaki vs. Sae. September 29 lineup is Kansai, Bolshoi & Sae vs. Hyuga, Devil & Kuragaki; Misae & YuYu vs. Devil & Haruyama; Hyuga vs. Kuragaki; YuYu vs. Hashimoto and Haruyama vs. Sae.

    September 23

    Chaparrita ASARI
  • ARSION held the finals of the Sky High of ARSION tournament today, Chaparrita ASARI was the winner, defeating Ayako Hamada after 17:27 with a Michinoku Driver in the finals. ASARI finished the round-robin section of the tournament with nine points, coming from victories over AKINO, Mari Apache, Ai Fujita and Princess Sujei. Her only loss was against Hamada, and could only draw against Linda Starr.

    Hamada's route to the final came through victories over ASARI, Fujita, Sujei, lost to Linda Starr, and drew with AKINO. Presumably she was also given two points against Mari Apache who had to forfeit several matches due to injury. The victory here was ASARI's second major tournament win in ARSION, she also won the SKY Tournament back in July.

  • Azumi Hyuga retained the JWP Open Weight title today, defeating Carlos Amano by submission at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, in front of a poor crowd of 1500. Hyuga is turning into a new version of Hikari Fukuoka in that she has the championship, but for the most part has been kept clear of the promotions top star Dynamite Kansai, and when it comes to interpromotional matches is programmed against women such as Yoshiko Tamura who have a similar amount of experience to her, rather than the top stars of the other promotions such as Manami Toyota, Shinobu Kandori and Aja Kong.

    Other important results from the show saw Shark Tsuchiya squash Kana Misaki in a ridiculous 4:48, and Dynamite Kansai and Takako Inoue beat Ran YuYu and Misae Genki after 14:12. Apparently the match ended when Genki and Tamura fell out with each other.

  • LLPW drew a better-than-average attendance of 1727 at Korakuen Hall today for both the return of Shinobu Kandori and an interpromotional match involving AJW's Manami Toyota. Kandori's return match saw her squash Sayuri Okino in 4:53 when the referee stopped the match. Also LLPW President Rumi Kazama teamed with Eagle Sawai to defeat Manami Toyota and Kumiko Maekawa when Eagle used the Thunder Fire Powerbomb to pin Maekawa at the 21:43 mark.

    September 22

    Yoshiko Tamura
  • Matches announced so far for the Neo Ladies "Neo Autumn Night" show at Club Citta in Kawasaki on September 26 are Kyoko Inoue and Takako Inoue vs. Yoshiko Tamura and Misae Genki; Chaparrita ASARI vs. Lady Victoria (Who I believe is from Mexico); and Miho Wakizawa of AJW vs. Yuka Nakamura.

  • GAEA were at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today. Main event saw Chigusa Nagayo, KAORU, Toshiyo Yamada & Meiko Satomura beat Lioness Asuka, Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita & Sonoko Kato in 21:36 when Satomura pinned Kato with the Death Valley Bomb. The show drew only 1800 which is good for most of the women's promotions, but not a good sign for GAEA who have sold out nearly every Korakuen show this year. My guess is that the low turn out can partly be attributed to the show running on a week night (They usually run Korakuen at the weekend), and the casual fans may have thought that Chigusa regaining control of the company from Asuka at the Yokohama Bunka Gym last week meant that SSU were no longer a part of the promotion, and therefore didn't bother to come.

  • Jd' were in Fukuoka today. The only news from that show is that Megumi Yabushita and Sumie Sakai defeated Cooga and Sachie Abe in 14:53 when Yabushita beat Abe.

  • GAEA have a pair of shows entitled "God Only Knows" on October 2 and 3 at the Decen Hall in Sapporo, Hokkaido. October 2 lineup will be Chigusa Nagayo and Meiko Satomura vs. Akira Hokuto and Mayumi Ozaki; KAORU vs. Sugar Sato; Lioness Asuka and Sonoko Kato vs. Toshiyo Yamada and Toshie Uematsu; RIE vs. Chikayo Nagashima; and Sakura Hirota vs. Kaori Nakayama. October 3 will have Hokuto & Ozaki vs. Asuka & Kato; Nagayo vs. Nagashima; Kaoru & Uematsu vs. Yamada & Satomura; Sugar vs. RIE and Hirota vs. Nakayama.

    September 19

    Ai Fujita
  • Lineup for ARSION's afternoon show at IMP Hall, Osaka on October 3 is Mari Apache & Linda Starr vs. (Mikiko Futa)Gami Metal & Princessa Sujei; Candy Okutsu vs. Ai Fujita; AKINO vs. Michiko Ohmukai; Ayako Hamada vs. Yumi Fukawa; and Aja Kong & Chaparrita ASARI vs. Mariko Yoshida & Rie Tamada. Apparently this is the first time Aja and ASARI have ever teamed together for a tag match.

    ARSION return to IMP Hall the same day for an evening show where the action will include Aja Kong vs. Rie Tamada; Michiko Ohmukai, Yumi Fukawa & Chaparrita ASARI vs. Mari Apache, Linda Starr & Princessa Sujei; Mariko Yoshida vs. Mikiko Futagami; and AKINO & Ayako Hamada defend the Twin Star of ARSION tag team titles against Ai Fujita & Candy Okutsu.

  • JWP were in Odawara, Kanagawa today at the Town Centre Hall. Only result I have is that Devil Masami, Kana Misaki and Ran YuYu defeated Dynamite Kansai, Carlos Amano and Kayoko Haruyama in 13:53 when Ran pinned Haruyama.

  • The main event of today's Jd' show, held in Ijuin, Kagoshima saw Morimatsu and Lioness Asuka defeat Megumi Yabushita and Sachie Abe when Morimatsu pinned Abe at the 16:04 mark.

  • AJW held "Tough 99" at the Zenjo Garage in Tokyo today. Main event saw Manami Toyota's team that also included Kaoru Ito, Nanae Takahashi, Miho Wakizawa and Miyuki Fuji win an elimination match by 5-3 against Yumiko Hotta, Kumiko Maekawa, Momoe Nakanishi, Kayo Noumi and Yoshimi Enya.

  • Women's matches at Kendo Nagasaki's New Now show on October 8 in Tokyo will be Azumi Hyuga, Dynamite Kansai & Ran YuYu vs. Manami Toyota, Kumiko Maekawa & Momoe Nakanishi; Devil Masami & Commando Bolshoi vs. Yumiko Hotta & Kayo Noumi; Kana Misaki & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa; and Carlos Amano & Kayoko Haruyama vs. Miyuki Fuji & Kaoru Ito.

  • Lioness Asuka vs. Obacchi Iizuka from the September 5 Jd' Korakuen Hall show looks to be a strong candidate for the most ridiculous match of the year. From the pictures in Weekly Pro, it appears that Obacchi brought a little table and a tea set to the ring, and poured a hot drink for the referee.

  • Complete lineup for the JWP Tv Taping at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on September 23 is Carlos Amano vs. Azumi Hyuga for the Open Weight title; Ran YuYu and Misae Genki vs. Takako Inoue and Dynamite Kansai; Commando Bolshoi & Kayoko Haruyama vs. Devil Masami & Maya Hashimoto; Yoshiko Tamura vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki; and Shark Tsuchiya vs. Kana Mizaki.

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