October 30

    Meiko Satomura
  • GAEA recently announced the lineup for their event on November 7:
    • KAORU, Toshiyo Yamada & Toshie Uematsu vs. Akira Hokuto, Mayumi Ozaki & RIE [Team Nostradamus]. RIE has just joined Team Nostradus, presumably to save Hokuto and Ozaki from ever having to do jobs. Uematsu may do the job here, but if Ozaki's team was going over then Sugar or Nagashima would be the third person on the team. RIE gets pinned.
    • Meiko Satomura vs. Lioness Asuka. Obviously Lioness will get the win, but it should be a good-very good match.
    • Chigusa Nagayo vs. Sonoko Kato will be shitter than Shark. Due to Chigusa's ego, this will probably last about 10 seconds to prove that Kato's victory in the High Spurt 600 tournament was a total fluke.
    • Chikayo Nagashima vs. Ayaka Takenouchi. This is only Takenouchi's second match and she hasn't been on TV yet so I don't know if she's any good or not. Either way, Nagashima wins.
    • Sakura Hirota vs. Sugar Sato. Finally GAEA finds an appropriate opponent for the no-work stiff Sugar! As Sugar still gets pushed based on the fact that she was possibly the best young wrestler in the world three years ago, she'll win here. At this point in time it's open to question whether or not Sugar is actually a better wrestler than Hirota.

  • At a recent AJW show, the male midgets parodied the Naoya Ogawa vs. Shinya Hashimoto match by becoming "Nice Naoya" and "Nice Shinya". Hashimoto was played by (I think) Buddahman, who had painted on side-burns and dressed up just like Hashimoto. I believe Tomezo Tsunokake played the part of Ogawa.

  • A Beauty Pair music cd containing sixteen Beauty Pair songs is now available on BMG Japan.

  • LLPW have a mixed tag team series coming up involving Carol Midori, Shinobu Kandori, Kitahara from WAR and another WAR worker.

    The November 3 LLPW event will be headlined by Harley Saito and Mizuki Endo vs. Eagle Sawai and Rumi Kazama. On November 5 in Miyazki, Shinobu Kandori and Endo take on Saito and Keiko Aono. This will be the first time Kandori has been in the ring with Harley since dropping the LLPW title to her back in August.

    LLPW on November 7 will be headlined by Kandori and Aya Koyama vs. Midori and Eagle in what I believe is Koyama's first ever main event match. November 10 will have Kazama and Eagle vs. Harley and Noriyo Tateno.

  • Mari Apache and Linda Starr's tag team has been named "Super Luchadora's", and Michiko Ohmukai and Yumi Fukawa are being called "Natural Twin Bee".

  • Jd' have a decent sounding show on November 1:
    • The Bloody vs. Yuko Kosugi for the AWF Title. As far as I know, this is the first singles main event for both women. As they have both improved a lot, this should be a very good match, probably with Bloody retaining the title.
    • Lioness Asuka & Morimatsu vs. Kayoko Haruyama & Dynamite Kansai. This could go either way, but it's obvious who the jobber is on each team.
    • Sumie Sakai vs. Megumi Yabushita should be another very good match. These two hold the TWF Tag Team titles together, Yabushita has had a slightly bigger push as of late, so she will probably win this one.
    • Hiroyo Muto vs. Kyoko Inoue. Muto seems like a decent wrestler and might put up a decent showing, but Kyoko definately wins.
    • Cooga & Sachie Abe vs. Fang Suzuki & Saya Endo in "Cooga's Revenge". I doubt this will be a very good match. Cooga's team probably goes over unless Abe jobs.
    • KAZUKI vs. Maru will suck, but will be very short.

  • On October 13, Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita showed up at the Neo Ladies show to mock Kyoko and Takako Inoue, who had just lost to the ZAP's after T used Takako's stun gun on Kyoko. Expect a Shimoda & Mita vs. Kyoko & Takako WWWA Tag Team title match shortly.

  • AJW held a pretty uneventful house show in Kawaguchi, Saitama today drawing a decent crowd of 1,120 for a main event of Yumiko Hotta & Nanae Takahashi defeating Manami Toyota & Kumiko Maekawa in 20:41 when Maekawa jobbed to Hotta.

  • JWP's event in Shizuoka today saw Azumi Hyuga & Misae Genki beat Dynamite Kansai & Kayoko Haruyama in 16:39 when Genki pinned Haruyama with a nodowa-otoshi; and Carlos Amano & Commando Bolshoi beat Ran YuYu & Kana Misaki in 21:20 to retain the JWP Tag Team titles.

    October 23

    Kyoko Inoue vs. Yumiko Hotta
    October 22 1999, Fukuoka
  • Kyoko Inoue's surprise title loss to Yumiko Hotta yesterday means that the planned December 12 WWWA title match at the Yoyogi Gym between Inoue and Manami Toyota will amost certainly be changed unless another title switch is planned (pretty unlikely). The obvious main event would be Hotta vs. Toyota, although AJW don't usually do the obvious thing.

  • ARSION have the "Reya de Reynas de ARSION" on November 3 at Zepp Tokyo. It appears that all first round matches will be four elimination matches. First round matches are going to be Ayako Hamada vs. Mari Apache vs. Linda Starr vs. Gami Metal; Rie Tamada vs. Ai Fujita vs. Mima Shimoda vs. Etsuko Mita; Candy Okutsu vs. Chaparrita ASARI vs. Hiromi Yagi; and Mariko Yoshida vs. Mikiko Futagami vs. Yumi Fukawa vs. AKINO. In a non-tournament match, Aja Kong defends the Queen of ARSION against Michiko Ohmukai.

  • November 4 ARSION lineup is Kong & Tamada vs. ASARI & Yagi in a Twin Star match; Ohmukai & Yoshida vs. Candy & Fukawa; Hamada & AKINO vs. Apache & Starr; Futagami vs. Ai Fujita.

  • On November 5 Michiko Ohmukai returns to her hometown of Kuji, Iwate where she will work the main event teaming with Aja Kong and Yumi Fukawa to take on Candy, Hamada & Akino. Other matches will be ASARI & Yagi vs. Apache & Starr; Futagami vs. Tamada and Yoshida vs. Fujita.

  • ARSION's November 12 event at the Sports Centre in Nagao will have Yoshida & Fukawa vs. Ohmukai & Tamada; Hamada & AKINO vs. Apache & Star in a Twin Star match; Kong vs. Futagami and Okutsu vs. Fujita.

  • ARSION are at the Rainbow Halls in Nagota on November 13. Lineup will be Kong & Tamada vs. Hamada & AKINO; Yoshida & Futagami vs. Ohmukai & Fukawa; Okutsu vs. Starr; and Apache vs. Fujita.

  • Today's Neo Ladies event saw Yoshiko Tamura defeat Yuka Nakamura [10:18], Misae Genki beat Tanny Mouse [14:02] and Kyoko Inoue beat Saya Endo [3:43] in Neo Cup matches. The date of the final of this tournament (that began in the early summer) has still not been announced.

  • Chigusa Nagayo surprisingly did another job today, submitting to Akira Hokuto's strangle-hold in a tag team match that had Hokuto and Mayumi Ozaki against Chigusa and Yamada.

    October 22

    Misae Genki
  • Neo Ladies drew 1240 at Hakata Star Lanes, Fukuoka today for a show that featured two WWWA title matches. In something of a surprise, Yumiko Hotta defeated Kyoko Inoue in 16:07 to win the WWWA world singles championship for a third time. Chaparrita ASARI beat Momoe Nakanishi with a Michinoku Driver II in 13:55 to regain the WWWA Super Light Weight title. in Neo Cup matches, Tanny Mouse (2) beat Yuka Nakamura (0) in 8:54, and Misae Genki (7) drew with Saya Endo (5) over 30:00.

    Due to Hotta's title win here, it looks like it will be Hotta who defends the title against Manami Toyota at the Yoyogi Gym, Tokyo on December 8.

  • ARSION at the Sabu Arena in Fukushima saw the return of Michiko Ohmukai, who defeated Rie Tamada in 11:07. Ai Fujita was scheduled to return at this show but didn't. In a Twin Star of ARSION match, Mariko Yoshida & Mikiko Futagami (2) beat Mari Apache & Linda Starr (0) in 17:03 when Yoshida pinned Starr. Main event saw Aja Kong & Hiromi Yagi beat Candy Okutsu & Ayako Hamada when Aja pinned Hamada in 13:56.

  • GAEA's December tour will be entitled "Prophecy Hitting". Shows will take place on December 5 in Niigata City, December 12 at IMP Hall, Osaka, and December 27 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. Tickets will go on sale for these events at Korakuen Hall on October 29.

    October 21

    Aja Kong
  • ARSION held a show with only four matches today, and due to the small roster both Yumi Fukawa and Mikiko Futagami had to work two matches each. Results saw Mikiko Futagami beat Yumi Fukawa with a Kentaki Bomb [11:10]; Aja Kong & Rie Tamada beat Mari Apache & Linda Starr in a Twin Star of ARSION match in 16:30 when Tamada pinned Linda; Candy Okutsu beat Gami Metal [6:33]; and Mariko Yoshida & Yumi Fukawa beat Michiko Ohmukai & Ayako Hamada in 19:26 when Yoshida pinned Hamada with an Air Raid Crush.

  • Chaparrita ASARI, Hiromi Yagi, Saya Endo and Chihiro Nakano will work the November Michinoku Pro tour, mainly working tag matches with Yagi and ASARI taking on Nakano and Endo.

  • ARSION on October 22 will have Aja Kong & Hiromi Yagi vs. Candy Okutsu & Ayako Hamada; Yumi Fukawa vs. AKINO; and Michiko Ohmukai vs. Ai Fujita.

  • October 23 ARSION has Aja Kong & Michiko Ohmukai vs. Mariko Yoshida & Yumi Fukawa; Ayako Hamada vs. Rie Tamada; and AKINO vs. Mikiko Futagami.

  • ARSION's October 25 event at Osaka Gym #2 will have Aja Kong vs. Linda Starr.

  • GAEA have released Team Nostradamus t-shirts, new GAEA key rings, and a new Chigusa Nagayo t-shirt.

    October 19

    Chikako Shiratori
  • On October 17 Chikako Shiratori defeated Lady Apache to capture the new CMLL Women's championship.

  • ARSION were at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today with a loaded show that unfortunately drew only slightly over 1000 people. The tag team league began, teamings are:
    • Aja Kong & Rie Tamada
    • Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa
    • Ayako Hamada & AKINO
    • Mariko Yoshida & Mikiko Futagami
    • Chaparrita ASARI & Hiromi Yagi
    • Mari Apache & Linda Starr

    Today's matches saw ASARI & Yagi (2) beat Yoshida & Futagami (0); and Ohmukai & Fukawa (2) beat Kong & Tamada (0). Once a few more matches have happened, I'll put up a table with all the results.

    In the other match, Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita defeated Aja Kong by referee stoppage in a handicap street fight match, getting the win at 15:58.

    October 17

    Eagle Sawai
  • LLPW at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on November 14 will have Noriyo Tateno, Harley Saito & Keiko Aono defending the six woman tag titles agaist Sayuri Okino, Shark Tsuchiya and Carol Midori; and Saito vs. Eagle Sawai for the LLPW title.

  • Whole load of shows to report on today, all filled with completely clueless booking...

    All Japan Women's drew 1220 in Ohmiya, Saitama today for a normal house show headlined by Manami Toyota and Yumiko Hotta defeating Nanae Takahashi and Miho Wakizawa in 21:24 when Hotta pinned Takahashi with a Pyramid Driver. Kumiko Maekawa was absent from this show, I presume she is injured because AJW never gives anybody a night off anymore.

    JWP ran a television taping at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today drawing a poor crowd of 1300 to the 2100 seat hall. Kana Misaki avenged last month's lost by forcing a submission out of Shark Tsuchiya with a Cobra Twist in 28 seconds. Finally someone has realised the proper way to book Shark. Devil Masami beat Saya Endo with a Lariat. Azumi Hyuga beat Kayoko Haruyama with a Top Rope Double Wrist Armsault in 16:21. This was a silly piece of booking, Hyuga is the JWP champion, a title with very little credibility as it is because it is rarely defended, and when it is defended, it is never against any of the top wrestlers in the company, so how was Hyuga helped by having to work that long to defeat the youngster Haruyama? Carlos Amano beat Neo Ladies' Yoshiko Tamura with a juji-gatame in 14:32. Finally Dynamite Kansai and Commando Bolshoi beat Ran YuYu and Takako Inoue after 18:36 when Bolshoi pinned Ran. I figured that Ran would do the job here, but why did Bolshoi get the pin?

    ARSION drew a rare sellout today, albeit only of 800 and at the little known Family Sports Centre in Oshamanbe, Hokkaido. ARSION currently have numerous wrestlers out with injuries, so this was another short card with a main event of Aja Kong, Chaparrita ASARI & Mari Apache going oer Candy Okutsu, Ayako Hamada & Princess Sujei in 10:10 when Aja used the Top Rope Brainbuster to pin Candy. With Ayako and Sujei in the match, what was the reason for Candy to doing the job?

    Women's matches at the October 17 Big Japan show saw Marcella defeat L. Music in 10:47, and in a tag bout Chihiro Nakano and Tanny Mouse beat Kyoko Ichiki and Yuka Nakamura when Nakano beat Nakamura in 17:03 with a hiza juji-gatame.

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