October 13

    Yumiko Hotta
  • Pairings for the 1999 Tag League the Best are:
    • Manami Toyota & Miho Wakizawa
    • Tomoko Watanabe & Kumiko Maekawa
    • Nanae Takahashi & Momoe Nakanishi
    • Kaoru Ito & Kayo Noumi
    • Yumiko Hotta & Miyuki Fuji
    • Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita

  • JWP's "Mother Earth" television taping at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on October 17 will have Dynamite Kansai & Kayoko Haruyama vs. Ran YuYu & Takako Inoue; Azumi Hyuga vs. Commando Bolshoi; Carlos Amano vs. Yoshiko Tamura; Kana Misaki vs. Shark Tsuchiya; and Devil Masami vs. a mystery opponent.

  • JWP on October 19 has Kansai & Haruyama vs. Ran, Misaki & Misae Genki.

  • The December JWP tour is called "Solid Slider", and the January 2000 tour will be entitled "J-Code 2000".

  • GAEA's "God Only Know's" event at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on October 23 will include Chigusa Nagayo ad Toshiyo Yamada vs. Akira Hokuto and Mayumi Ozaki; KAORU and Meiko Satomura vs. Lioness Asuka and Sonoko Kato; Toshie Uematsu vs. Sakura Hirota; Sugar Sato and Kaori Nakayama vs. Chikayo Nagashima and RIE; and Ayaka Takenouchi will make her debut.

  • Neo Ladies Neo Storm '99 in Fukuoka on October 22 will be headlined by Yumiko Hotta vs. Kyoko Inoue for the WWWA title. Other matches are Momoe Nakanishi vs. Chaparrita ASARI for the WWWA Super Lightweight title; Takako Inoue vs. Yoshiko Tamura; Misae Genki vs. Saya Endo; and Tanny Mouse vs. Yuka Nakamura.

    October 10

  • Sonoko Kato surprisingly won the GAEA High Spurt 600 Tournament today in Kyoto. The semi-finals and final happened at today's event that drew a sellout crowd of 600 to KBS Hall. The semi-finals saw Meiko Satomura surprisingly defeat KAORU in 6:52 with the Death Valley Bomb, the real surprise then followed as Sonoko Kato defeated the biggest no-job stiff in all of Japan, Chigusa Nagayo in only 0:53.

    Kato won the final by pinning Satomura with the Dragon Suplex in 11:13. This tournament was actually a big change of pace for GAEA as some of the better "young" wrestlers (although it's getting increasingly hard to use that term since many have been wrestling for almost five years) actually defeated established veterans.

    GAEA High Spurt 600 Tournament [Second round onwards]:

    SATOMURA -----------
                        |- SATOMURA --
    ??? ----------------              |
                                      |- SATOMURA --------
    KAORU --------------              |  [6:52, pin]      |
                        |- KAORU -----                    |
    ASUKA --------------                                  |
                                                          |- KATO
                                                          |  [11:13, pin]
    OZAKI --------------                                  |
                        |- KATO -----                     |
    KATO ---------------   [6:01, pin]|                   |
                                      |- KATO ------------
                                      |  [0:53, pin]
    HOKUTO -------------              |
                        |- NAGAYO ----
    NAGAYO -------------   [3:26, pin]

  • AJW began the 1999 "Tag League The Best" at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today. I have no idea what the team are because AJW has yet to release such information. Two of the teams however are defending champions Nanae Takahashi and Momoe Nakanishi, and Miho Wakizawa and Manami Toyota. In the first tag league match Nakanishi and Takahashi defeated Toyota and Wakizawa in 22:54 when Takahashi pinned Wakizawa.

    October 10

    Sumie Sakai
  • On October 9 at NGK Studio in Osaka, Sumie Sakai and Megumi Yabushita captured the TWF World Tag Team titles from Fang Suzuki and The Bloody when Sakai used a Huracanrana to pin Fang after 22:34.

  • GAEA ran a couple of matches in the High Spurt 600 tournament today in Osaka. Key happenings were Sonoko Kato getting her first ever pin on Mayumi Ozaki to reach the semi finals, using a Dragon Suplex to win the match, and Chigusa Nagayo feeding her ego even further by crushing Akira Hokuto in only 3:26. Hokuto had reached the second round by making Sakura Hirota submit to a Stranglehold after 1:26. The stranglehold is the finisher of Hokuto's husband, New Japan stiff Kensuke Sasaki.

    I believe the first and second round matches in the top half of the draw may have taken place yesterday. Hopefully the results will be available in a day or two.

    GAEA High Spurt 600 Tournament:

    Meiko Satomura
    Kaori Nakayama  ---
    Toshiyo Yamada ----
    Sugar Sato 
    Chikayo Nagashima - 
    Lioness Asuka ----- ASUKA
    Toshie Uematsu
    Mayumi Ozaki ------ OZAKI --------------
                        [4:54, pin]            |- KATO
    RIE --------------- KATO ---------------   [6:01, pin]
    Sonoko Kato         [5:53, pin]
    Sakura Hirota
    Akira Hokuto ------ HOKUTO -------------
                        [1:26, submission]      |- NAGAYO
    Chigusa Nagayo ---- NAGAYO -------------   [3:26, pin]

    October 8

    Kana Misaki
  • Various JWP and AJW women worked Kendo Nagasaki's "New Now" show in Tokyo today. The opening match saw Carlos Amano and Kayoko Haruyama (JWP) defeat AJW's Kaoru Ito and Miyuki Fuji when Amano made Fuji submit to a juji-gatame in 11:51. Then AJW evened up the score as Nanae Takahashi and Miho Wakizawa beat Kana Misaki and Tsubasa Kuragaki after 12:45 when Tsubasa was pinned with Takahashi's Reverse Splash. Devil Masami and Commando Bolshoi followed it up by defeating Yumiko Hotta and Kayo Noumi when Devil used a lariat to pin Noumi at the 9:49 mark. In the final womens match, Azumi Hyuga, Devil Masami and Ran YuYu worked to a thirty minute time limit draw with Manami Toyota, Kumiko Maekawa and Momoe Nakanishi.

  • At Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on November 14, Harley Saito, Noriyo Tateno and Keiko Aono will defend the LLPW Six Woman Tag Team titles against Carol Midori, Sayuri Okino and Shark Tsuchiya.

  • With Michiko Ohmukai, Ai Fujita, AKINO and Candy Okutsu all out of action, ARSION only managed to run four matches at today's event in Tokyo, with Rie Tamada having to work twice. Results saw Rie Tamada beat Princess Sujei with a Dragon Suplex in 11:13; Linda Starr beat Yumi Fukawa with a Hilo De Starr after 12:17; Mikiko Futagami beat Mari Apache in 11:10 and in the main event Aja Kong and Ayako Hamada beat Mariko Yoshida and Tamada when Aja used the Brain Buster on Tamada in 19:45.

    I believe AKINO is currently injured, the same for Michiko Ohmukai. Candy Okutsu only works selected shows now which explains her absence. As for Fujita, who hasn't wrestled since Septemer 13, I can only guess that she is either suffering from a major injury or has left the company.

    October 6

    Megumi Yabushita
  • In the main event of today's Jd' event at Club Citta, Kawasaki, The Bloody captured the AWF Women's title from Megumi Yabushita, scoring the pinfall after 13:56 with the BJ Suplex to become the fifth holder of the AWF title. This was Yabushita's first defence.

  • Kyoko and Takako Inoue will be celebrating their 11th anniversaries in wrestling on October 10 by working a tag match together. No word on the opponents. Other matches at that show will be Kyoko Inoue vs. Tanny Mouse and Chaparrita ASARI vs. Yuka Nakamura.

  • Neo Ladies at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on October 13 will include Kyoko Inoue and Takako Inoue vs. ZAP I and the returning ZAP T; Miho Wakizawa vs. Yoshiko Tamura; Misae Genki and Chaparrita ASARI vs. Momoe Nakanishi and Nanae Takahashi; and Saya Endo vs. Yuka Nakamura.

    October 5

    Kaori Nakayama
  • FMW have a few women's matches on the next tour. October 24 at KBS Hall, Kyoto will have Kaori Nakayama vs. Emi Motokawa. Nakayama also takes on Motokawa in Osaka on October 26. Motokawa and Nakayama take on Miss Mongol in a handicap match at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on October 29.

  • LLPW were in Rikuto, Shiga today, main event saw Rumi Kazama and Shark Tsuchiya defeat Harley Saito and Keiko Aono in 11:18 when Rumi pinned Aono. Apparently Kazama is now a heel as she has been teaming with the likes of Shark Tsuchiya and Eagle Sawai at recent shows.

  • Main event from today's JWP event in Takasaki, Gumma had Dynamite Kansai and Carlos Amano defeating Azumi Hyuga and Ran YuYu when Kansai used the Splash Mountain to pin Ran after 15:59.

    October 3

    Akira Hokuto
  • The GAEA "High Spurt 600 Tournament" will be contested on October 9 in Kobe, October 10 in Osaka, and October 11 in Kyoto. It seems that the early matches are going to have a ten minute time limit, which isn't encouraging when likely second round matches include Akira Hokuto vs. Chigusa Nagayo. The tournament final will have no time limit.

  • With Lioness Asuka missing the show to work for GAEA, Jd' wisely held their October 3 show at the 80 seat Jd' Dojo in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. As with past Jd' Dojo events, the matches were somewhat strange. On this occasion Sumie Sakai worked three out of the four matches, first defeating KAZUKI in 8:10 with a Tiger Suplex, then losing to Morimatsu after 11:13, finally Sakai defeated Hiroyo Muto in 5:14. The only other match was a three vs. one handicap main event where The Bloody, Fang Suzuki and Cooga beat Megumi Yabushita in 10:13 when Bloody used a Jacknife to get the win.

  • AJW drew 920 in Chiba today for a normal AJW style house show. The only difference between this and other recent AJW shows was the main event where for probably the first time ever the youngster didn't do the job as Manami Toyota and Miho Wakizawa beat Yumiko Hotta and Kumiko Maekawa when Toyota pinned Maekawa in 19:17 with her Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex.

  • ARSION held two shows's at IMP Hall, Osaka today. The afternoon show drew only 500 fans to the 800 capacity building. Key afternoon results saw Princess Sujei beat AKINO via referee stoppage in 11:23, since Sujei isn't being pushed all that much in ARSION (even in the spot wrestler tournaments), I can only guess that this wasn't the planned finish and that AKINO was injured during the match. Mari Apache beat Gami Metal with a Michinoku Driver II in 9:55; in a really stupid booking decision Ayako Hamada beat Yumi Fukawa with La Ayakita; finally Aja Kong and Chaparrita ASARI beat Mariko Yoshida and Rie Tamada in 18:31 when Aja pinned Tamada with a Brain Buster.

    Only noteworthy happening from the evening show was the main event where Mariko Yoshida did a job against Mikiko Futagami in 13:48. This isn't a huge story on it's own because Gami has beaten Yoshida before, but this is the second loss in a row Yoshida has taken in singles matches, having lost to Yumi Fukawa on Septemer 26 at Korakuen Hall. Yoshida was pushed as the top star in ARSION during much of 1998 and 1999, however she was a failure at the box office when she held the Queen of ARSION, so it looks like ARSION are trying to push other wrestlers for a while, such as Futagami.

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