November 14

    Takako Inoue
  • Neo Ladies are running the "Neo Millenium Tag Tournament" on December 2 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. I'm guessing this is going to be an elimination rather than round-robin tournament because the whole event is taking place on the same night. Teams are Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue; Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita; Misae Genki & Yoshiko Tamura; Saya Endo & The Bloody; Tanny Mouse & Chihiro Nakano; and a mystery team.

  • At WAR's "Final War 1999" show at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on December 16, Rumi Kazama and Eagle Sawai will take on Keiko Aono and Aya Koyama.

  • ARSION held a couple of matches in the Twin Star of ARSION tourament on November 13. Ayako Hamada and AKINO opened their account by defeating Aja Kong and Rie Tamada in 17:37 when AKINO used a move called "La Akinito" to make Tamada submit. Michiko Ohmukai and Yumi Fukawa defeated Mariko Yoshida and Mikiko Futagami when Ohmukai pinned Yoshida in 16:50. Ohmukai and Fukawa's win here puts them in first place with only one match remaining (vs. Hamada & AKINO).

  • GAEA in Saitama on October 13 had RIE and Akira Hokuto over Meiko Satomura and Toshiyo Yamada in the main event when Hokuto pinned Satomura in 13:31.

  • Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita defend the WWWA Tag Team titles against Kumiko Maekawa and Tomoko Watanabe on December 8 at the Yoyogi Gym, Tokyo.

  • LLPW drew a surprisingly strong crowd of 1936 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today. This was announced as being a sellout. Although both the LLPW singles and LLPW six woman tag team titles were defended at the show, the main reason for the "large" crowd was probably that All Japan ran an afternoon show at Korakuen and some people stayed around for the LLPW event.

    The main event saw Harley Saito pin Eagle Sawai with a Power Bomb in 14:21 to retain the LLPW Singles title for the first time. Semi final had Harley Saito, Keiko Aono & Noriyo Tateno going over Shark Tsuchiya, Carol Midori & Sayuri Okino to defend the LLPW Six Woman Tag Titles. Tateno used a Liger Bomb to pin Okino in 12:38. Only undercard result worth mentioning is that Shinobu Kandori beat Mizuki Endo with a Power Bomb in 12:01.

    November 8

    Rumi Kazama
  • LLPW visit FMW's event in Sasebo, Nagasaki on November 9 where Rumi Kazama and Eagle Sawai battle Keiko Aono and Mizuki Endo, and Sayuri Okino takes on Aya Koyama.

  • LLPW at the Kagoshima Arena on November 10 will have Rumi Kazama and Eagle Sawai vs. Harley Saito and Noriyo Tateno in addition to a mixed tag match with Kitahara and Carol Midori against Niihao and Shinobu Kandori.

  • Today's Big Japan show had Tanny Mouse and Chihiro Nakano going to a twenty minute draw with Malsera and Yoshiko Tamura.

  • JWP were in Sagae, Yamagata drawing 1300 for an event that further showed how thin JWP's talent roster is. Results saw Ran YuYu beat Acute Sae with an Airoplane Spin; Carlos Amano beat Kayoko Haruyama with a Juji-gatame; Kana Misaki and, making her second appearance, Ran YuYu beat Devil Masami & Acute Sae in 16:48 when Misaki pinned Sae with the K-Shock. Main event saw Dynamite Kansai, Commando Bolshoi and Acute Sae beat Azumi Hyuga, Carlos Amano and Kana Misaki in 16:46 when Kansai pinned Misaki with a Splash Mountain. Of the nine wrestlers on the show, five had to work twice, and Acute Sae had to work three out of the four matches.

  • LLPW at NCC & Studio in Nagasaki today saw Rumi Kazama and Eagle Sawai beat Shinobu Kandori and Mizuki Endo in 14:08 when Eagle pinned Endo with a Power Bomb. Check out Results for full details.

    November 7

    Sonoko Kato
  • GAEA drew a respectable 1500 at the Prefectural Sports Centre in Miyagi, Sendai today. The opener saw Chikayo Nagashima predictably beat Ayaka Takenouchi with a Diving Footstomp in 4:07. Sugar Sato then defeated Sakura Hirota in 16:27 of what was probably the worst match Sugar has been involved in. Over the last couple of months, Hirota has "carried" the likes of Devil Masami, Mayumi Ozaki and Lioness Asuka to the worst matches of their entire carerrs with her awful "comedy". In a real surprise Sonoko Kato defeated Chigusa Nagayo cleany with an Armlock in 2:05. Maybe Chigusa has finally realised that she has to push some of the younger wrestlers rather than squashing them like bugs in 20 seconds. Lioness Asuka pinned Meiko Satomura after a Liger Bomb in 11:44. Main event saw Akira Hokuto, Mayumi Ozaki & RIE go over KAORU, Toshiyo Yamada & Toshie Uematsu after 12:30 when the woman I suspected would be the jobber, RIE pinned Yamada.

  • LLPW at the Convention Hall in Taku, Saga today was a pretty ordinary show ending with Miho Watabe last eliminating Sayuri Okino in 17:35 to win a battle royal.

  • AJW drew a strong (for them) crowd of 1690 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today. The show opened with a three man midget battle royal, won by Little Frankie after an epic 2:45. ZAP I beat Kayo Noumi with a Diving Footstomp in 10:50.

    The mega-babe dream team of Takako Inoue & Chikako Shiratori defeated Yumiko Hotta & Miyuki Fuji in 16:08 when Takako pinned Fuji. Even though Fuji would have seemed like the obvious jobber here, it would have made far more sense in the long term if Hotta had jobbed to Takako, because nobody gives Takako a chance in hell of beating Hotta for the WWWA title in December, and as Takako has very little drawing power, she needs as much extra credibility going into that match as she can get. Manami Toyota pinned Miho Wakizawa with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex after 19:42.

    In a Tag League The Best match, Kumiko Maekawa & Tomoko Watanabe (2) beat Momoe Nakanishi & Nanae Takahashi (0) in 18:37 when Maekawa pinned Nakanishi with a Kakato-otoshi (Axe-kick). It looks like AJW are screwing around with the points in the tag league because NanaMomo are listed as having no points, even though they defeated Toyota & Wakizawa on the first night of the tournament to gain two points.

  • Check out Results for full details from today's shows.

    November 3

    Mariko Yoshida
  • Mariko Yoshida won the ARSION Reyna de Reyna's tournament at Zepp TOKYO today. The tournament consisted of four first round three-way matches with the winner of each match going into the final. In the first round Mari Apache won over Linda Starr and Ayako Hamada; Etsuko Mita won over Rie Tamada and Mima Shimoda; Hiromi Yagi won over Chaparrita ASARI and Candy Okutsu; and Mariko Yoshida won over Mikiko Futagami and Yumi Fukawa. In the final, Yoshida won the match last eliminating Mari Apache in 10:11 with a Chicken Wing Neck Lock.

    Also at this show, Aja Kong retained the Queen of ARSION, using a Uraken to pin Michiko Ohmukai in 16:58.

  • JWP at JWP Hall, Tokyo yesterday had Commando Bolshoi defeating Ran YuYu with a Uranage after 11:33 in the main event. Also Carlos Amano beat Kana Misaki by referee stoppage in 14:51.

  • AJW drew 840 at the Sabu Arena, Nagano today for a show headlined by a Tag League The Best match where Yumiko Hotta & Miyuki Fuji (2) beat Kaoru Ito & Kayo Noumi (0) when Fuji beat Noumi with a Brain Buster Hold in 18:05. This is probably the first time ever Fuji has got the pin in a tag team match.

  • JWP on November 13 has Dynamite Kansai & Azumi Hyuga vs. Ran YuYu & Takako Inoue. November 14 at IMP Hall, Osaka has Hyuga vs. Commando Bolshoi; Kansai & Haruyama vs. YuYu & Misaki; and Great Sasuke vs. Minoru Fujita.

  • Neo Ladies on November 17 in Saitama has Kyoko Inoue vs. Chaparrita ASARI; Tanny Mouse & Yoshiko Tamura vs. Jd's Bloody & Fang Suzuki; Takako Inoue vs. Yuka Nakamura; and Misae Genki vs. Hiroyo Muto of Jd'.

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