May 31 Update

  • Manami Toyota The All Japan Women's Grand Prix 1999 will begin on June 6 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. This years field includes Yumiko Hotta, Manami Toyota, ZAP I, ZAP T, Kumiko Maekawa, Nanae Takahashi, Miho Wakizawa and Takako Inoue. As normal, wrestlers get two points for a win, one for a thirty minute draw, and none for a loss. Grand Prix matches on June 6 are Takako Inoue vs. Momoe Nakanishi; ZAP I vs. ZAP T and Manami Toyota vs. Yumiko Hotta. The final takes place at Korakuen Hall on August 15. Last year the Grand Prix was won by Manami Toyota.

  • On July 10, ZAP I and ZAP T defend the WWWA Tag Team titles against Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita, and Kayo Noumi and Miho Wakizawa defend the All Japan Tag titles against an unannounced JWP team.

  • Yumiko Hotta defends the WWWA World Singles title against Kyoko Inoue on July 11 in Tokyo. AJW also has a Korakuen Hall show on August 14.

  • JWP held a show at JWP Hall in Ueno, Tokyo today. The only result I have so far is that in the main event Kayoko Haruyama, Ran YuYu and Carlos Amano defeated the Neo Ladies team of Misae Genki, Yoshiko Tamura and Yuka Nakamura when Amano used a juji-gatame to make Nakamura submit after 22:32.

  • Neo Ladies are in Chiba on June 12. In Neo Japan Cup '99 matches, Kyoko Inoue meets Yoshiko Tamura, and Chaparrita ASARI takes on Misae Genkie. Also in a Neo Ladies vs. JWP match, Yuka Nakamura will battle Kana Misaki. Neo Ladies next major show will be in Kawasaki on July 4. The lineup has not yet been announced, but ticket prices are up to 7000 yen for ringside seats.

  • Yuko Kosugi receives a shot at Lioness Asuka's TWF World title on June 13 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. At the same show, Cooga and Sumie Sakai defend the TWF World Tag Team titles against The Bloody and Fang Suzuki, and AJW's Momoe Nakanishi takes on Megumi Yabushita.

    May 26 Update

  • AJW male midgets Little Frankie and Tomezo Tsunokake will wrestle each other at the May 30 SPWF show.

  • The first show of the JWP "Listen!" tour on June 5 in Hida-takayama, Gifu will have a main event ptting Devil Masami and Carlos Amano against Dynamite Kansai and Azumi Hyuga. No matches have been annonced for the rest of the tour which runs on June 13 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall; June 13 at Osaka Gym 2; June 19 in Minokamo, Gifu; June 26 in Fuchu, Hiroshima; June 27 in Matsue, Shimane; June 29 in Shizuoka City and June 30 at JWP Hall in Ueno, Tokyo.

  • ARSION ran a four team mini tournament in Naha, Okinawa today. The semi finals saw Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa beat Mariko Yoshida & Mikiko Futagami and Mika Akino & Mari Apache beat La Galactica 2000 & Ai Fujita. Akino and Mari won the tournament when Akino pinned Fukawa in the final.

  • Jd' were in Nagano today, only result I have is that Cooga and Yuko Kosugi defeated The Bloody and Fang Suzuki when Cooga pinned Suzuki after 15:25. Likewise the only result from the JWP event in Kochi City is that Devil Masami and Azumi Hyuga went over Devil Masami and Carlos Amano in the main event when Azumi pinned Amano at the 15:39 mark.

  • LLPW's June/July tour begins on June 11 in Shonan, Chiba and runs on June 20 in Wake, Okayama; June 28 in Ohta, Tokyo; July 10 and finally July 20 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. Takako Inoue and Chaparrita ASARI will appear at the June 20 show. Yasha Kurenai's retirement match takes place at Korakuen on July 20.

  • Yuko Kosugi will be the next wrestler to receive a shot at Lioness Asuka's TWF World title. Kosugi defeated Megumi Yabushita by pinfall on May 25 to earn the title shot.

    In some other Jd' news, former wrestler Kazuko Fujiwara will shortly be returning to the promotion after a long lay-off due to injury. Fujiwara worked a five minute exhibition match with newcomer Miyuki Fukushima at the May 23rd show.

    May 20 Update

  • Kyoko Inoue Two matches have been signed for the May 30 date of JWP's "Edge Out" tour at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. Dynamite Kansai and Tsubasa Kuragaki will take on Kayoko Haruyama and Azumi Hiuga; and Neo Ladies' boss Kyoko Inoue battle's Kana Misaki.

    At Tokyo, JWP Hall on May 31 they have Ran YuYu, Carlos Amano and Kayoko Haruyama vs. Misae Genki, Yoshiko Tamura and Yuka Nakamura of Neo Ladies; Azumi Hiuga vs. Kayo Noumi (All Japan Women); and Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Miho Wakizawa (All Japan Women).

  • Results from key matches at Neo Ladies' Tokyo, Korakuen Hall show today saw Chaparrita ASARI retain the WWWA Super Lightweight championship, pinning Kyoko Ichiko after 13:25. In a tournament match, Kyoko Inoue (4) used a Niagra Driver to pin Misae Genki (0 points) at the 25:00 mark.

    Today's AJW main event had Manami Toyota and Takako Inoue going over Yumiko Hotta and Kumiko Maekawa in 18:30 when Toyota pinned Maekawa. The heels got the better of the faces in Jd' AGAIN today, with Lioness Asuka and Morimatsu beating Tsubasa Kuragaki (JWP) and Yuko Kosugi after 13:30 when Lioness pinned Kosugi. ARSION's main event saw Mariko Yoshida and Mikiko Futagami defeat Aja Kong and Fabi Apache when Yoshida pinned Mari in 18:19.

    May 18 Update

  • Sayonara Chigusa! GAEA's first show without Chigusa Nagayo is happening at Osaka's IMP Hall on May 23. The main event is a six woman tag pitting Lioness Asuka, Chikayo Nagashima and Kaori Nakayama against Meiko Satomura, Sonoko Kato and Sakura Hirota. As far as I know, this is Nakayama's first ever main event. Other matches have Mima Shimoda and Mayumi Ozaki vs. KAORU and Toshie Uematsu; Etsuko Mita vs. Sakura Hirota; Mayumi Ozaki and Sugar Sato vs. Toshiyo Yamada and RIE; and Chikayo Nagashima vs. Makie Numao.

    Don't be too surprised if Nagayo, who was recently forced to leave the promotion, makes her return at this show possibly under the horrendous ZERO heel gimmick she used in WCW a few years ago, as well as for a couple of GAEA matches.

  • The only shows over the last two days have been by Jd'. On the 17th, Lioness Asuka and Morimatsu defeated the former Judo girls Sumie Sakai and Megumi Yabushita in the main event. Lioness scored the winning fall over Sakai at the 17:53 mark. Today B-Team heels The Bloody and Fang Suzuki defeated Yabushita and Yuko Kosugi when Yabushita jobbed to Fang after 15:31.

    Jd' has become very predictable since Jaguar Yokota retired, if the main event is face vs. heel then the heels go over every time. The only time the faces get a win is when they are wrestling each other.

  • Male midgets Tomezo Tsunokake and Little Frankie will be working the May 20, May 21 and May 22 Jd' shows. Frankie and Tsunokake usually work for AJW, almost exclusively against each other in very short (and extremely bad) matches. Also Saya Endo of Neo Ladies' will be wrestling for Jd' on May 21, May 22, May 23, May 25 and May 26.

  • LLPW will be completing the GVG tournament on May 23 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. Matches remaining are Shinobu Kandori and Junko Yagi vs. Eagle Sawai and Carol Midori; and Noriyo Tateno and Aya Koyama vs. Yasha Kurenai and Keiko Aono. For what it's worth, GVG stands for "Generation vs. Generation" which makes sense as each team consists of a young wrestler and a veteran. To emphasise the youngsters presence in the tournament, rather than having a set number of points for a win regardless of who gets the pin, the team gets double points if the youngster pins the veteran. The only youngster over veteran result so far was when teen-weeny Miho Watabe pinned Eagle Sawai.

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