May 14

    Crush 2000
  • GAEA ran the largest show in the history of the company, their fifth anniversary show today at the 12000 seat Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

    The live attendance for the show was a strong 9000.

    • In the opening match, the mystery opponent for Sakura Hirota (GAEA) turned out to be Dynamite Kansai of JWP. Hirota shouldn't be booked on major shows, but given that she's not a serious wrestler, it doesn't matter than much. Kansai used a lariat for the pin in 9:38. Almost ten minutes is really a bit too long for Hirota to be working. [Match Photo]
    • The feud between RIE and Saika Takeuchi hopefully came to an end as the rookie Takeuchi defeated RIE in 9:31 of another bad match. Takeuchi has been on television quite a few times since her debut towards the end of last year, and does show potential, but much like Hirota she isn't the kind of wrestler that should be booked on a major show at this point.
    • Kyoko Inoue of NEO defeated GAEA's Toshiyo Yamada in 16:58. These two have had some great matches in the past, but this probably didn't reach that level due to the advancing age of the participants. Kyoko going over was fairly surprising, particularly as this was such a big show. I'm guessing that Kyoko will be doing another match in GAEA before too long where she does the job, probably against Chigusa as that will be a new match. [Match Photo]
    • Sugar Sato and Chikayo Nagashima beat Toshie Uematsu and The Bloody (Jd') to retain the AAAW Tag Team Titles in 16:15 when Sugar utilised one of her two moves, the Liger Bomb to get the pin on Bloody. Bloody doing the job here was no surprise at all, because back in 1987 Bloody was only a little kid and in order for an outsider to get any kind of push from Chigusa they needed to have debuted at around that time. I think Jd' are having the same problems booking Bloody on interpromotional shows as JWP were in 1998-9 with Tomoko Kuzumi. Bloody is pushed as the #2 heel in the company behind Lioness Asuka, but here she was, much like Kuzumi in the past, booked in a match 'on the level' of women of her age range that aren't pushed nearly as hard as she is. [Match Photo]
    • Mayumi Ozaki became the top contender to the AAAW title by defeating KAORU after 28:36 of a "free weapons" match. Ozaki vs. Aja for the AAAW title should be very good when it happens. [Match Photo]
    • Aja Kong retained the AAAW title over Meiko Satomura in 15:22. This wasn't great booking. Satomura, who is the hardest pushed of the young GAEA wrestlers could have done without jobbing at consecutive major shows, but at the same time Aja losing to a young GAEA wrestler instead of putting over someone like Yumi Fukawa in ARSION wouldn't be great business from her perspective. [Match Photo]
    • The main event saw "Crush 2000", Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo defeat Akira Hokuto and Devil Masami when Chigusa pinned Hokuto in 20:28. I thought the heels would probably win this one to set up a later rematch, but given that this was such a big show it probably made sense to give the fans the result they wanted to see.

    May 12

    Manami Toyota
  • All Japan Women ran their biggest box office bomb since the thirtieth anniversary show today, drawing only 3200 to the 12000 seat Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Centre. Key results saw:
    • Miho Wakizawa and Kayo Noumi beat Tsubasa Kuragaki and Kana Misaki to win the All Japan tag team titles in 14:46 when Wakizawa pinned Kuragaki. This result wasn't much of a surprise.
    • Dynamite Kansai and Commando Bolshoi beat Kaoru Ito and Momoe Nakanishi in 13:36 when Kansai pinned (obviously) Momoe.
    • Tomoko Watanabe and Kumiko Maekawa beat Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda by two falls to one to retain the WWWA Tag Team titles. Not sure of the match times, but Maekawa pinned Mita in the third fall.
    • In the main event Manami Toyota retained the WWWA Singles Title, pinning JWP's Ran YuYu in 21:35 win the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. This was an incredibly weak main event on paper for such a big show. I doubt anybody gave the JWP champion a hope of winning this. The only details I have about the match is that twelve minutes in Toyota apparently screwed up a dive and hurt herself, the match was temporarily stopped at this point. Eagle Sawai and Kaoru Ito have both requested title matches against Toyota for future shows.

  • Some new wrestlers training for their debuts in the Jd' promotion were introduced to the crowd at the April 29 Korakuen Hall event.

  • The Bloody actually appeared at the GAEA show at Osaka, IMP Hall on April 29. She showed up following the Chigusa Nagayo and Toshie Uematsu vs. RIE and Chikayo Nagashima match and assisted Uematsu in laying waste to Nagashima, who was a bloodied up mess at the end of the brawl.

  • The Japanese "Deluxe Pro Wrestling" magazine is relaunching shortly. The return issue is due out on May 13 and has Chigusa Nagayo and Lioness Asuka on the cover. The magazine also has features on Nanae Takahashi and Momoe Nakanishi, Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda, Mariko Yoshida, Dump Matsumoto, The Hamada sisters and others.

  • July GAEA tour is called "Access-G".

  • All weapons are legal in the May 14 match between Mayumi Ozaki and KAORU where the winner gets an AAAW Title shot at some point.

  • GAEA are now marketing teddy bears wearing GAEA and Dead or Alive t-shirts. I guess GAEA thinks that the Crush Gals reunion really is going to bring young females back to the shows because I can't imagine anyone above 12 years old would buy one.

  • Chikako Shiratori has a CD entitled "For You" due for release shortly.

  • JWP and All Japan Women are running a combined show called "That's The 'J' Way" on July 9 at Korakuen Hall.

  • Lioness Asuka has supposedly become the on screen CEO of Jd'.

  • On May 6 at the Kawasaki Gym a rivalry was started between Takako Inoue and Rumi Kazama and WWWA tag team champions Tomoko Watanabe and Kumiko Maekawa, so that could be the next WWWA tag title match.

  • Manami Toyota was helped out by both Reggie Bennett and Dynamite Kansai during her handicap match win over Yumiko Hotta and Kumiko Maekawa on May 6 at Korakuen.

  • Rumi Kazama's win over Noriyo Tateno at the May 1 LLPW event at Ota Plaza, Tokyo, was somewhat screwy as Kazama came to the ring on a crutch claiming an injury. She ended up wrestling the match anyway, and predictably used the crutch as a weapon enabling her to score an easy pin in only 6:54. Takako Inoue and Eagle Sawai beat up Tateno after the match.

    May 8

    Dynamite Kansai
  • JWP have acquired the services of Reggie Bennett to feud with Yumiko Hotta as part of the JWP vs. AJW interpromotional series. This doesn't sound promising at all.

  • LLPW at Korakuen Hall on May 17 is headlined by Shinobu Kandori and Mizuki Endo vs. Eagle Sawai and Rumi Kazama. Kazama and Sawai's team is now known as "Black Joker".

  • All Japan Women were at the Kawasaki City Gym on May 6. Key results from that show saw Chaparrita ASARI retain the WWWA Super Light Weight title against Miyuki Fuji in 11:15; Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda beat Momoe Nakanishi and Nanae Takahashi in 19:55 when Mita pinned Nakanishi; and in the main event Takako Inoue, Eagle Sawai and Rumi Kazama defeated Tomoko Watanabe, Miho Wakizawa and Manami Toyota when Eagle pinned Toyota in 22:31. Unfortunately, Eagle supposedly challenged Toyota to a WWWA Title match after the finish.

  • Aja Kong won the ARSION ARS 2000 tournament held on May 7 at Korakuen Hall, defeating Michiko Ohmukai of all people in 6:39 of the final. In the semi finals Aja had defeated Mariko Yoshida in 9:55, and Ohmukai pinned fellow VIP member Etsuko Mita in only 5:34, which is pretty ridiculous because Mita is positioned ahead of Ohmukai in VIP, and that isn't about to change on account of one victory. Aja winning the tournament is an absolute waste of time and does nothing to help a promotion which is hardly in a strong position. They should have used this as a chance to elevate someone like GAMI, who is supposed to be the top heel in the company and have her go on to challenge Aja for the Queen of ARSION.

    May 5

    Yuko Kosugi
  • Jd' at the Kitasawa Town Hall on May 3 had a defence of the AWF title with champion The Bloody retaining the belt defeating Yuko Kosugi in only 2:48. Having the match go less than three minutes is incredibly stupid because Kosugi and Bloody are the two best wrestlers in the promotion and have had several very good matches against each other in the past, including a title match on November 1 1999 at Korakuen Hall that was probably the best singles match either woman has been involved in.

  • Jd' on May 14 at NGK Studio, Osaka has:
    • The "Ran Maru Triple Trial" where Ran will work three consecutive matches. Opponents are Morimatsu, Obacchi Iizuka and KAZUKI. Look for Ran to win most of these as the opposition doesn't really get pushed.
    • Hiroyo Muto vs. Sachie Abe for the Junior title. Abe has been around for five years, and done very little in that time. Look for Muto to retain the belt here because she has more of a future in the company than Abe, who has been pretty much buried for the last year or two.
    • Yuko Kosugi, Megumi Yabushita and Fang Suzuki vs. Ran YuYu, Carlos Amano and Tsubasa Kuragaki of JWP. Either side could win.

  • AJW were at Korakuen Hall today with a pretty ordinary sounding card. In the main event AJW's Momoe Nakanishi, Nanae Takahashi and Miho Wakizawa beat Tsubasa Kuragaki, Acute Sae and Kayoko Haruyama in 22:06 which is probably too long for those six to be working. Only other result of note was Manami Toyota over Kumiko Maekawa and Yumiko Hotta in a handicap match.

    May 2

    Dynamite Kansai
  • JWP have a television taping at Korakuen Hall on May 18. Lineup is:
    • Dynamite Kansai vs. Azumi Hyuga. The story here should be that Hyuga finally gets a convincing (ie. no lame flash pins) victory over the long term headliner Kansai to set her up for another challenge at the JWP title she lost to Ran YuYu a few months ago. More likely is that Hyuga gets a fluke win. Either that or Kansai wins the match over the former champion and goes on to once again not challenge for the title she hasn't had one rematch for since she lost it to Hikari Fukuoka in 1997, even though she had been the champion or top contender from the belts inception in 1992.
    • Commando Bolshoi vs. Kana Misaki. Either woman could win.
    • Ran YuYu and Acute Sae vs. Sachie Abe and Megumi Yabushita of Jd'. Sae looks like an obvious jobber here, although Abe hasn't been pushed anywhere for a long time.
    • Carlos Amano vs. Devil Masami. Much like the main event, the good thing here would be for Amano to cleanly defeat the twenty year veteran, gaining some singles credibility enabling her to go forward for another JWP title match against Ran YuYu. Once again, look for Devil, who gains nothing from beating Amano, to either win the match, or take a screwy loss.
    • Opener is Kayoko Haruyama vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki. Haruyama is getting what would constitute a push in JWP, and should take the win here.

  • The May 13 Wrestle Dream Factory event at Itabashi Sanbun Hall, Tokyo will have Masked Angel Rosetta vs. former Jd' and sometimes JWP wrestler Yuki Miyazaki. The cartoon hero definately goes over.

  • A couple of women's matches at men's shows to report on. May 2 FMW had a mixed tag with Kaori Nakayama, Kyoko Inoue and Kodo Fuyuki over Yuka Nakamura, Emi Motokawa and Kudo in 18:27 when Kyoko pinned Motokawa. Michiko Pro in Yamasugi on the same day had a lady's tag with Chaparrita ASARI and Masked Angel Rosetta defeating Deborah(?) and Saya (Presumably Endo) Genji when Rosetta used a jackknife on Deborah after 10:39.

  • All Japan Women seem to have finally figured out how predictable their house show main events are and actually changed the usual formula of veteran+veteran going over veteran+youngster when youngster does the job. On May 1 in Kawagoe, Saitama the headliner was a standard tag team match with Kaoru Ito and Kumiko Maekawa vs. Nanae Takahashi and Manami Toyota. In just about every other AJW main event of the last two or three years, Takahashi would have done the job in this situation. Surprisingly, her team actually went over, although it was Toyota that scored the pinfall over Maekawa, with her Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex after 17:34. See Results for full details.

  • LLPW had a pretty standard event on May 1 at the Ohta Ward Plaza in Tokyo headlined by Eagle Sawai and Takako Inoue defeating Harley Saito and Mizuki Endo in 15:25 when Eagle pinned Endo. In the second from top match, company president Rumi Kazama defeated Noriyo Tateno in only 6:54. Takako has received quite a push during her short time in LLPW, working most main events, getting a lot of pins and so far has not done any jobs. See Results for full details.

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