March 28 Update

    Goodbye Hikari!
  • JWP's Hikari Fukuoka wrestled her retirement match at Tokyo Korakuen Hall today. Hikari re-formed her "Hi-Chans" alliance with Candy Okutsu and Hiromi Yagi, who both now work for ARSION. Hikari, Candy and Yagi went to a thirty minute time limit draw against Azumi Hiuga, Commando Bolshoi and Carlos Amano.

    Fukuoka is a former five-time JWP World Tag team champion, with four different partners, those being Mayumi Ozaki, KAORU, Devil Masami and most recently Tomoko Kuzumi (aka Azumi Hiuga). She was also the JWP Open Weight champion for almost two years, defeating Dynamite Kansai for the title on April 8, 1997 and eventually losing it to Azumi Hiuga on February 28, 1999.

    The reason for Hikari's retirement is a neck injury that she suffered in October last year. She was on the injury list for around two months before making a premature comeback on December 20.

    Check out the Results page for full Korakuen Hall results.

  • In quick results from today's shows... AJW's main event saw Manami Toyota and Takako Inoue defeat Momoe Nakanishi and Yumiko Hotta when Toyota used the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex on Nakanishi in 18:25. At LLPW's show, Eagle Sawai and Shark Tsuchiya beat Shinobu Kandori and Yasha Kurenai when Eagle pinned Kurenai in 15:52. Finally at the Jd' event, The Bloody and Fang Suzuki beat Cooga and Sachie Abe in 13:28 when Bloody pinned Abe. Check out Results for full details on those events.

  • Big Japan ran two women's matches at their March 27 show. Results saw Chihiru Nakano defeat Amapola after 7:57 and Kyoko Ichiki, formerly of Jd', defeat Marcela in 11:56.

    March 27 Update

  • A correction to the JWP results posted on this site yesterday, Hikari's retirement match doesn't happen until tomorrow (Sunday). Her last match is a tag match forming the Hi-Chans for the final time with Hiromi Yagi and Candy Okutsu against Commando Bolshoi, Azumi Hiuga and Carlos Amano.

  • Some stipulation's have been added to the April 4 GAEA Anniversary show at the Yokohama Bunka Gym. If Lioness Asuka defeats Chigusa Nagayo then she not only wins the AAAW title, but also becomes the president of World Championsh... er... GAEA. If on the other hand Nagayo wins, then Lioness and her alliance have to become full time GAEA wrestlers and take a large pay cut in the process.

    In the run-up to this show, Asuka's SSU (Super Stars Unit) gang have been kicking everyones asses at GAEA shows. In particular at their Korakuen Hall show on March 22 SSU won every match they were involved in as Etsuko Mita & Chikayo Nagashima (SSU) defeated KAORU & Makie Numao; Aja Kong & Lioness Asuka (SSU) beat Sonoko Kato & Meiko Satomura (GAEA) and in two consecutive matches the dream team of Mima Shimoda & Mayumi Ozaki defeated Chigusa Nagayo & Toshiyo Yamada, winning the second match after only 1:36 when Shimoda pinned Yamada. GAEA only gained some slight revenge at yesterday's event in Chiba where KAORU & Nagayo defeated Ozaki & Sugar Sato.

  • The combination of Mikiko Futagami, Mariko Yoshida & Reggie Bennett is leading in the ARSION six woman tag team tournament with five points. In second place are Candy Okutsu, Ayako Hamada & Mika Akino with four points, followed by Aja Kong & The Apache's and Yumi Fukawa, Michiko Ohmukai & Rie Tamada who both have three points.

    March 25 Update

  • ARSION's six woman tag team tournament continued tonight with Candy Okutsu, Ayako Hamada & Mika Akino defeating Rie Tamada, Michiko Ohmukai by two falls to one. Jd' also had a show today, the only result I currently have is that in the main event Yuko Kosugi & Megumi Yabushita beat Cooga & Obachi Iizuka after 16:51 when Yabushita pinned Iizuka.

  • ARSION's March 26 show in Yamaguchi will have Mariko Yoshida, Mikiko Futagami & Reggie Bennett vs. Aja Kong & The Apache's in a six woman tournament match; Mika Akino & Candy Okutsu vs. Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa; Ayako Hamada vs. La Galactica 2000 and Rie Tamada vs. Emiko Kado.

    ARSION on March 27 will have the third Futagami, Yoshida & Bennett vs. Fukawa, Ohmukai & Tamada six woman tournament meeting, along with Candy Okutsu & Ayako Hamada vs. Fabi Apache & Aja Kong; Mika Akino vs. La Galactica 2000 and Mari Apache vs. Emiko Kado.

    ARSION are in Fukuoka on March 29. Lineup is Rie Tamada, Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa vs. Aja Kong & The Apache's in a six woman tournament match; Reggie Bennett vs. Mikiko Futagami; Candy Okutsu & Emiko Kado vs. Ayako Hamada & Mika Akino and Mariko Yoshida vs. La Galactica 2000.

    They return to Fukuoka on the 31st, where Hiromi Yagi & Rie Tamada defend the Twin Star of ARSION against Ayako Hamada & Candy Okutsu. Other matches are Aja Kong vs. Yumi Fukawa; Mariko Yoshida & Mikiko Futagami vs. Emiko Kado & Mika Akino; Mari Apache vs. Reggie Bennett and La Galactica 2000 vs. Fabi Apache.

    ARSION on April 2 in Yamaguchi has Tamada, Fukawa & Ohmukai vs. Aja & The Apaches; Candy & Akino vs. Yoshida & Akino; Hamada vs. Galactica and Kado vs. Reggie.

    March 23 Update

  • For some reason very few results have been coming in over the last few days. The only news I have from the March 22 GAEA Korakuen Hall show is that Mima Shimoda and Mayumi Ozaki defeated Toshiyo Yamada & Chigusa Nagayo when Oz pinned Yamada after only 1:36.

    Also few details have been made available about the March 22 All Japan Women's event. The main event was the typcial AJW headliner with two veterans, in this case Manami Toyota and Yumiko Hotta defeating two youngsters, those being Miho Wakizawa and Momoe Nakanishi.

    March 20 Update

  • The complete lineup for the March 26 GAEA event is Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita vs. Toshiyo Yamada & Meiko Satomura; Chigusa Nagayo & KAORU vs. Sugar Sato & Mayumi Ozaki; Sakura Hirota vs. Chikayo Nagashima; Sonoko Kato vs. Kaori Nakayama and Toshie Uematsu vs. Makie Numao.

    In the main event of today's GAEA show, Sugar Sato and Lioness Asuka defeated Toshie Uematsu and KAORU when Sato surprisingly pinned KAORU after 21:34.

  • The latest edition of Weekly Pro had an amusing photo from the March 2 Neo Japan Ladies show. Kyoko Inoue introduced local bad girl Etsuko Mita to a new foreign object, a bucket of water!

  • JWP were at Kyoto KBS Hall tonight, for the main match Dynamite Kansai, Devil Masami and Ran YuYu (Tomoko Miyaguchi) defeated Azumi Hiuga (Tomoko Kuzumi), Commando Bolshoi and Carlos Amano (Rieko Amano) when Kansai pinned Hiuga at the 16:58 mark.

  • Upcoming women's show's for April are:
    • April 1: ARSION (6pm)
    • April 2: ARSION, Yamaguchi (6pm)
    • April 3: ARSION
    • April 4: GAEA, Yokohama Bunka Gym (Nagayo vs. Asuka)
    • April 4: New Now, Tokyo (3pm)
    • April 4: All Japan Women's, Yokohama (1pm)
    • April 9: JWP (6pm)
    • April 10: JWP (6pm)
    • April 10: All Japan Women's, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (6pm)
    • April 12: JWP (6pm)
    • April 13: JWP (6pm)
    • April 14: ARSION, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (6:45pm)
    • April 16: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • April 17: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • April 18: All Japan Women's, Tokyo (12pm)
    • April 18: JWP, Osaka IMP Hall (3pm)
    • April 18: LLPW (3pm)
    • April 19: JWP (6pm)
    • April 21: JWP, Osaka (6pm)
    • April 23: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • April 26: JWP, Tokyo JWP Hall (7pm)
    • April 27: All Japan Women's, Osaka (6pm)
    • April 28: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • April 29: JWP, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (12pm) TV Taping
    • April 29: Jd', Tokyo Korakuen Hall
    • April 29: All Japan Women's
    • April 20: All Japan Women's (6pm)

    March 19 Update

  • It's been a quiet couple of days for news. FMW used the women on their March 18 show, Chikayo Nagashima defeated Kaori Nakayama in only 8:52. JWP held a show yesterday (18th) but the complete results are not yet available. The only result I have is that Hikari Fukuoka & Azumi Hiuga defeated Kana Mizaki & Carlos Amano when Hiuga pinned Mizaki after 16:34.

  • Mayumi Ozaki defeated the newest member of her 'Oz Academy', Kaori Nakayama by pinfall after only 9:11 at FMW's March 19 event.

  • Jd' held their monthly Korkuen show today, drawing 1520 which isn't even close to a sellout but still over 100 more people than ARSION drew in the same building a few days back. Jd's show had a few highlights, namely Yuko Kosugi pinning Emi Motokawa to win the AWF Women's title. Also Sachie Abe returned, losing via pinfall to Mima Shimoda of Neo Ladies and Chaparrita ASARI, also of Neo surprisingly defeated Sumie Sakai. In the main event, Sugar Sato and Lioness Asuka defeated Fang Suzuki and The Bloody when Lioness pinned Bloody after 15:28.

    March 15 Update

  • The complete lineup for the March 16 ARSION show will be Michiko Ohmukai vs. La Galactica 2000; Emiko Kado vs. Hiromi Yagi; Ayako Hamada & Mika Akino vs. The Apache's; Rie Tamada vs. Yumi Fukawa; Mariko Yoshida vs. Reggie Bennett; Candy Okutsu & Aja Kong vs. Mikiko Futagami & Hikari Fukuoka (JWP).

  • The March 26 edition of Weekly Pro magazine had several features on recent women's wrestling shows. One of these was a large write-up of the February 28 Oz Academy show which looked to be excellent from the photo's. The main event between where Mayumi Ozaki pinned Mima Shimoda in particularly looked to be a really good match where both were wearing a mask of blood at the end.
    GAEA held a show on the same day where Aja Kong got into another confrontation with Chigusa Nagayo during their tag team match. There was a 1/2 page photo of them about to go at it, with Meiko Satomura standing between them looking terrified.
    They devoted a few pages to JWP's February 28 Korakuen Hall show where Azumi Hiuga (Tomoko Kuzumi) defeated Hikari Fukuoka to win the JWP Open Weight title. The match looked like it was better than the one they had last October, Fukuoka and Hiuga hugged one another after Hiuga had won the title.

  • ARSION are releasing a new photo book shortly. The cover of the book has head and shoulder photo's of Candy Okutsu, Michiko Ohmukai, Yumi Fukawa and Ayako Hamada not wearing very much! The ARSION "Hyper Visual Fighter Series" books and video's were all incredible, so hopefully this one will be just as good.

    March 14 Update

  • At tonights All Japan Women's Korakuen Hall show the interpromotional feud between AJW and Neo Ladies continued as Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita went to a no-contest with WWWA Tag Team champions ZAP I & ZAP T after 21:10.

    In the final first round match of the The Young Girls tournament, Miho Wakizawa defeated Megumi Sato, and will meet Kayo Noumi in round two. They also worked the first of the second round matches, with Junko Yagi pinning Miho Watabe after only 5:30, and Momoe Nakanishi surprisingly falling to her regular partner Nanae Takahashi in 16:38. LLPW ran the remaining second round matches at their show, where Takahashi beat Yagi and Wakizawa beat Aono. Also, Aono beat Wakizawa in the final.

  • ARSION continued their six woman tag team tournament with Mariko Yoshida, Reggie Bennett & Mikiko Futagami defeating the team of Michiko Ohmukai, Yumi Fukawa & Rie Tamada by two falls to none. Check out the Results page for further details on these shows.

    March 12 Update

  • Jd' held a show tonight, but the complete results haven't been made available yet. Nikkan Sports reported that in the main event, Lioness Asuka & Yuki Morimatsu defeated Cooga & Yuki Miyazaki when Lioness pinned Miyazaki after 15:51. I will post the complete results on the Results page as soon as I get them, results of tonights AJW show are already available on that page.

  • Two first round matches in the AJW vs. LLPW Young Girls tournament took place tonight, with Keiko Aono beating Kayo Noumi and Nanae Takahashi defeating Sayuri Okino. In the second round Takahashi meets Momoe Nakanishi, who received an R1 bye, and Aono is against Miho Wakizawa OR Megumi Sato. Miho Watabe beat ZAP Isozaki at the March 10 LLPW show to get through to R2, she meets Junko Yagi who also got a bye. Complete data for the Young Girls tournament is available here

  • At the March 11 SPWF show, ZAP Isozaki of All Japan Women's defeated Sachie Nishibori, who officially works for IWA Japan, but is basically an AJW wrestler most of the time.

  • Upcoming women's show's for the rest of March are:
    • March 13: JWP, Kawasaki (6pm)
    • March 13: Jd'
    • March 14: All Japan Women's, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (Afternoon)
    • March 14: LLPW, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (6pm)
    • March 14: ARSION, Chiba (3pm)
    • March 15: JWP, Tokyo JWP Hall (7pm)
    • March 16: ARSION, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (6:45pm)
    • March 17: JWP, Yamaguchi (6pm)
    • March 18: JWP Yamaguchi (6pm)
    • March 19: Jd', Tokyo Korakuen Hall (6pm)
    • March 19: ARSION (6pm)
    • March 20: JWP, Kyoto KBS Hall (6pm)
    • March 20: GAEA (6pm)
    • March 21: JWP (3pm)
    • March 21: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • March 22: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • March 24: Jd' (6pm)
    • March 25: Jd' (6pm)
    • March 25: ARSION, Hiroshima (6pm)
    • March 26: JWP (6pm)
    • March 26: GAEA, Chiba (6pm)
    • March 26: Jd' (6pm)
    • March 26: ARSION, Yamaguchi (6pm)
    • March 27: Jd'
    • March 28: JWP, Tokyo Korakuen Hall (12pm)
    • March 28: LLPW (1pm)
    • March 28: Jd'
    • March 28: All Japan Women's (6pm)
    • March 29: ARSION, Fukuoka (6pm)
    • March 30: All Japan Women (6pm)
    • March 30: ARSION (6pm)
    • March 31: JWP (6pm)
    • March 31: Jd' (6pm)

    March 10 Update

  • Yumiko Hotta regained the WWWA title from Shinobu Kandori today, KO'ing her after 18:51. Also Kayo Noumi & Miho Wakizawa retained the All Japan Tag Team titles against Megumi Sato & Keiko Aono.

  • Jd' are at Korakuen Hall on March 19, lineup is: The Bloody & Fang Suzuki vs. Lioness Asuka & Sugar Sato; Emi Motokawa defends the AWF title against Yuko Kosugi; Sachie Abe vs. Mima Shimoda; Cooga & Yuki Miyazazki vs. Megumi Yabushita & Masami Lizuka; Sumie Sakai vs. Chaparrita ASARI; Hiroyo Muto vs. Yuki Morimatsu.

  • Mariko Yoshida makes her third defence of the Queen of ARSION title on April 14 at Korakuen Hall against Mikiko Futagami. Also they are holding the ARS '99 tournament at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall on May 4.

  • JWP have released their March partial lineups. On March 15 at Tokyo, JWP Hall they have Dynamite Kansai & Kana Misaki vs. Azumi Hiuga & Carlos Amano and Hikari Fukuoka & Yasha Kurenai vs. Commando Bolshoi & Carol Midori. March 17 in Yamaguchi will have Fukuoka & Hiuga vs. Kansai & Yuki Lee and Mayumi Ozaki & Carlos Amano vs. Devil Masami & Acute Sae. March 20 at Kyoto, KBS Hall will have Bolshoi, Amano & Hyuga vs. Kansai, Devil & Ran YuYu and Fukuoka vs. Misaki. March 26 will see Hikari Fukuoka retire in a six woman tag teaming with Bolshoi & Hiuga against Kansai, Devil & Misaki.

    March 6 Update

  • ARSION began their six-woman tag team tournament tonight with Aja Kong, Mari Apache & Fabi Apache beating Candy Okutsu, Ayako Hamada & Mika Akino by two falls to one. Teams partaking in the tournament besides those two are Mariko Yoshida, Reggie Bennet & Mikiko Futagami and the dream trio of Rie Tamada, Yumi Fukawa & Michiko Ohmukai.

  • Jd' ran a one-night tournament at their March 5 show. In first round matches Yuko Kosugi & Yuka Nakamura beat Hiroyo Muto & Cooga and The Bloody & Yuki Miyazaki beat Masami Lizuka & Fang Suzuki. Megumi Yabushita & Yuki Morimatsu beat Yuko Kosugi & Yuka Nakamura in the semi-finals and in the final The Bloody & Yuki Miyazaki beat Megumi Yabushita & Yuki Morimatsu to win the tournament. That doesn't make sense to me either!

  • Some stipulations have been added to a couple of the matches happening at the March 10 All Japan Women's and LLPW joint show. ZAP T vs. Eagle Sawai will now be a lumberjack match, and Kaoru Ito vs. Junko Yagi will be a judo jacket match.

  • Women's matches on the April 4 "New Now" show are Eagle Sawai & Sayuri Okino (LLPW/G-Max) vs. Shinobu Kandori & Junko Yagi (LLPW); Tomoko Miyaguchi & Tomoko Kuzumi (JWP) vs. Rieko Amano & Kana Misaki (JWP); Yasha Kurenai & Keiko Aono (LLPW) vs. Sachie Nishibori & Emi Motokawa (IWA Japan). Interestingly, all the JWP wrestlers besides Kanako are listed as competing under their old names.

  • A DVD disk entitled "The History of Mayumi Ozaki" has been released in Japan.

  • Looks like Rina Ishii of GAEA has retired. All references to her, including her profile have been removed from GAEA's official web site, and the news piece on her retirement is still there.

    March 4 Update

  • JWP have announced the final four matches in the career of Hikari Fukuoka. At the March 14 LLPW Korakuen Hall show, Hikari will team with JWP's Kayoko Haruyama against Aya Koyama & Yasha Kurenai of LLPW. Hikari teams with Yasha against Commando Bolshoi & ARSION's Candy Okutsu on March 15 for JWP. On March 16's ARSION show, Hikari & Mikiko Futagami wrestle Aja Kong and Hikari's former Hi-Chan's partner, Candy Okutsu. Hikari's last match will come on March 26 when the Hi-Chan's (Fukuoka, Okutsu and Hiromi Yagi) reunite to take on Commando Bolshoi, Azumi Hiuga and Carlos Amano at Korakuen Hall.

  • I can't 100% confirm this, but it looks like Rina Ishii of GAEA will shortly be retiring from wrestling and getting married. The reason's for this, if it is true, are unclear. Ishii is one of the better GAEA undercarders, and far superior to the likes of Maiko Matsumoto and Suckura Hirota who have been pushed ahead of her recently.

  • No all-women's shows have taken place over the last couple of days, but some of the wrestlers have still been active. Chaparrita ASARI defeated Saya Endo on March 3 at a Michinoku Pro event, and on the same day for CMLL, Jd's Yuko Kosugi defeated Obacchi Lizuka. ASARI will be working the entire Michinoku Pro tour.

  • New Oz Academy member Kaori Nakayama will wrestle the leader of the Oz Academy, Mayumi Ozaki at an FMW show on March 16 in Sapporo. FMW officially closed down their womens division last year as it had struggled without Megumi Kudo who retired in 1997. They have used women occasionally since then, usually from JWP. It doesn't look like they have any plans to bring back the women on a regular basis.

    March 3 Update

  • GAEA have released the lineup's for all their March shows, entitled the "Yokohama Countdown", they will hold three shows this month before the April 4 Yokohama event which is headlined by Chigusa Nagayo vs. Lioness Asuka. Lineup for March 20 is KAORU & Toshie Uematsu vs. Lioness Asuka & Sugar Sato; Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato vs. Aja Kong & Chikayo Nagashima; Toshiyo Yamada & Sakura Hirota vs. Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita; Chigusa Nagayo & Makie Numao vs. Mayumi Ozaki & Kaori Nakayama. March 22 at Korakuen Hall will have Nagayo & Yamada vs. Ozaki & Shimoda and Satomura & Sonoko vs. Asuka & Kong. The final card of the month is on March 26 where matches booked so far are Yamada & Satomura vs. Shimoda & Mita and Nagayo & KAORU vs. Ozaki & Sato. Incidentally, Kaori Nakayama has now joined the Oz Academy.

    The April 4 Yokohama lineup is Chigusa Nagayo vs. Lioness Asuka; Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato vs. Aja Kong & Mayumi Ozaki; KAORU & Toshiyo Yamada vs. Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita; Toshie Uematsu, Makie Numao & Sakura Hirota vs. Sugar Sato, Kaori Nakayama & Chikayo Nagashima.

    The current rivalry between the former Crush Gals Asuka and Nagayo began on December 27 at Korakuen Hall after Toshiyo Yamada and Meiko Satomura had wrestled a match against Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki, following the finish Chigusa came out to check on Satomura who bled during the match. Lioness then ran in and it looked like Chigusa expected Lioness to side with her, but she just walked straight past Nagayo and sided with Ozaki and Aja. Chigusa looked like she was about to cry, and a big fight started. Asuka's gang has been named "SSU".

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