July 11 Update

  • In the main event of the All Japan Women's event at the Fuji TV studio's in Tokyo today, Kyoko Inoue became a three time WWWA champion, defeating Yumiko Hotta after 20:50. Kyoko becomes the 47th overall WWWA Champion. Other important results saw Momoe Nakanishi capture the WWWA Super Light Weight title from Chaparrita ASARI, and Kumiko Maekawa retain the All Pacific title against Keiko Aono. In a Grand Prix match, Tomoko Watanabe defeated Takako Inoue.

    July 10 Update

  • AJW drew a sellout crowd of 1860 for a show held on the 7th floor of the Fuji TV Studio's in Tokyo yesterday. The biggest news from the show was that Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita captured the WWWA Tag Team Titles from ZAP I [Kaoru Ito] and ZAP T [Tomoko Watanabe] in a best two of three falls match, when Shimoda used the Death Lake Driver to pin Ito in the third fall. AJW gave away another title on the undercard, when JWP's Kana Misaki and Tsubasa Kuragaki defeated Miho Wakizawa and Kayo Noumi in 16:51 to win the All Japan Tag Team titles. Kumiko Maekawa was sucessful in defending her All Pacific title, pinning Misae Genki of Neo Ladies after 15:49. Two Grand Prix matches were contested, with Yumiko Hotta working to a thirty minute draw with Takako Inoue, and Manami Toyota pinning Momoe Nakanishi. The draw with Takako takes Hotta back into the lead, tied at six points with Kaoru Ito, Toyota and Takako are in joint third place with 5 points, Miho Wakizawa is fifth with 4 points, in joint sixth place are Kumiko Maekawa, Momoe Nakanishi, Nanae Takahashi and Tomoko Watanabe with three points. For full standings, take a look at the Grand Prix page.

    July 9 Update

  • JWP's September tour will be named "Guess Who". There will be eight shows on the tour, including a television taping at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall on September 23.

  • Some new All Japan Women's merchandise has been released. AJW fans can now purchase an "Explosion 99" t-shirt for 3800 Yen, and an AJW "Athena" t-shirt for 2000 Yen.

  • Jd' have a major show on July 21 at Club Citta in Kawasaki headlined by a re-match between Shark Tsuchiya and Yuko Kosugi. Also Mima Shimoda joins Lioness Asuka to take on TWF Tag Team champions The Bloody and Fang Suzuki in a non title match, and Cooga battles Megumi Yabushita.

  • LLPW's Megumi Sato appears to have retired from wrestling.

  • Sonoko Kato of GAEA now has blue hair to match her blue leotard.

    July 8 Update

  • The next GAEA show is on July 18 at Tokyo, Korakuen Hall. The lineup has Aja Kong & Mayumi Ozaki vs. Sugar Sato & Chikayo Nagashima for the AAAW World Tag Team titles; Lioness Asuka vs. Toshiyo Yamada; Chigusa Nagayo vs. Mima Shimoda; Etsuko Mita vs. KAORU; Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato vs. Toshie Uematsu & RIE; and Sakura Hirota vs. Kaori Nakayama.

  • The September 15 GAEA event at the Cultural Gym in Yokohama, headlined by a re-match between Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo has been named "Yokohama Double Destiny". Tickets will go on sale on July 19, ringside seats are priced at 10,000 yen.

  • A 5 vs. 5 Neo Ladies vs. JWP elimination series will take place at the July 18 JWP afternoon show at the IMP Hall, Osaka. JWP's team consists of Azumi Hyuga, Dynamite Kansai, Commando Bolshoi, Ran YuYu and Carlos Amano. Kyoko Inoue, Misae Genki, Chaparrita ASARI, Yoshiko Tamura and Tanny Mouse will represent Neo Ladies. Other matches include Kana Misaki vs. Saya Endo and Yuka Nakamura vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki.

    JWP have an evening show the same day at IMP Hall, headlined by Hyuga, Kansai, Bolshoi & Ran vs. Kyoko, ASARI, Genki and Tamura; undercard matches are Kayoko Haruyama & Devil Masami vs Carlos Amano & Kana Misaki; Maya Hashimoto vs. Saya Endo and Acute Sae vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki.

  • JWP have a television taping at Korakuen Hall on July 21. The show comprises of a 7 vs. 7 Neo Ladies vs. JWP series, matches are Azumi Hyuga vs. Kyoko Inoue; Dynamite Kansai vs. Misae Genki; Yoshiko Tamura; Chaparrita ASARI vs. Devil Masami; Carlos Amano vs. Saya Endo; Carlos Amano vs. Saya Endo; Ran YuYu vs. Yuka Nakamura and Commando Bolshoi vs. Tanny Mouse. Tanny will be using her 'Different Version' gimmick, which basically means she will be dressing in a Hayabusa mask.

  • At the July 7 Jd' show that drew a sellout of 500 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Yuko Kosugi retained the AWF Women's Championship, working to a thirty minute draw against The Bloody.

    July 6 Update

  • At an All Japan Women's show on July 8, matches will include Manami Toyota vs. Momoe Nakanishi and Takako Inoue vs. Miho Wakizawa.

  • Some slightly alterations have been made to the July 10 All Japan Women's show in Tokyo. The complete, and hopefully final lineup has ZAP I & ZAP T vs. Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita for the WWWA Tag Team titles; Yumiko Hotta vs. Takako Inoue and Momoe Nakanishi vs. Manami Toyota in Grand Prix matches; Kumiko Maekawa vs. Misae Genki for the All Pacific title; Kayo Noumi & Miho Wakizawa vs. Kana Misaki & Tsubasa Kuragaki for the All Japan Tag and Nanae Takahashi & Miyuki Fuji vs. Yoshiko Tamura & Yuka Nakamura.

    Lineup for the July 11 show stands as Yumiko Hotta vs. Kyoko Inoue for the WWWA Title; Manami Toyota, Kaoru Ito & Nanae Takahashi vs. Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita & Lioness Asuka; Chaparrita ASARI vs. Momoe Nakanishi for the WWWA Super Lightweight title; Keiko Aono vs. Maekawa or Genki for the All Pacific title; Takako Inoue vs. Tomoko Watanabe in a Grand Prix match; and Miho Wakizawa vs. Kayo Noumi.

  • AJW lineup for the next Korakuen Hall show on July 18 (12 noon start time) is Manami Toyota vs. Takako Inoue; Kaoru Ito vs. Momoe Nakanishi; Tomoko Watanabe vs. Kumiko Maekawa and Nanae Takahashi vs. Miho Wakizawa.

  • At the Zenjo Garage in Tokyo on July 20, AJW will celebrate Momoe Nakanishi's 19th birthday by having her work against Hotta, Toyota, Takako, Maekawa, Takahashi, Wakizawa, Noumi, Fuji and Tomoka Isozaki in consecutive matches, each with a one minute time limit. Back in December 1995, AJW did a similar match with Manami Toyota, who took on thirty opponents.

  • Lady's Gong this month had a listing of the 20 most important bouts in Yasha Kurenai's career. The article is available in English here.

  • JWP have a mini-feud with the Oz Academy for shows later this month. On July 24 Devil Masami, Ran YuYu, Kana Misaki, Kayoko Haruyama and Tsubasa Kuragaki take on Mayumi Ozaki, Carlos Amano, Sugar Sato, Chikayo Nagashima and Kaori Nakayama in a ten woman tag, and on July 25 the same Oz Academy team takes on Azumi Hyuga, Dynamite Kansai, Commando Bolshoi, Misaki and Haruyama.

  • Results of the popularity poll in the July edition of Lady's Gong magazine were:
    1. Takako Inoue [106]
    2. Miho Wakizawa [102]
    3. Ai Fujita [93]
    4. Chigusa Nagayo [86]
    5. Kayo Noumi [78]
    6. Michiko Ohmukai [70]
    7. Yumi Fukawa [64]
    8. Manami Toyota [62]
    9. Chaparrita ASARI [54]
    10. Momoe Nakanishi [49]
    11. Kana Misaki [44]
    12. Ayako Hamada [41]
    13. Candy Okutsu [37]
    14. Meiko Satomura [33]
    15. Yuko Kosugi [27]
    16. Kyoko Inoue [24]
      Mariko Yoshida [24]
    1. Yumiko Hotta [21]
      Emi Motokawa [21]
      Sakura Hirota [21]

    July 4 Update

    Kaori Nakayama

  • I saw some pictures of the women's match at the June 16 FMW show recently. When FMW announced the reformation of their women's league, 'commisioner' Kodo Fuyuki announced that the women were to "dress sexy". It appears that the only woman to adhere to his guidelines is Kaori Nakayama who wore a tennis skirt and looks to have either had breast implants (very unlikely) or stuffed her bra (more likely). Chikako Shiratori wore her regular ring attire, and Emi Motokawa wrestled wearing a black track suit.

  • Mayumi Ozaki will present an Oz Academy show at IMP Hall, Osaka on August 29. They have yet to announce who will be appearing at the show. Wrestlers from GAEA and SSU will almost certainly be appearing.

  • Neo Ladies claimed a sellout of 524 at Club Citta in Kawasaki today for their first show since May 20. If this was indeed a sellout then the seats must have been very spaced out because GAEA, Oz Academy and even Tenryu's WAR have drawn sellouts of around 800 in the same building. Notable results saw Misae Genki defeat Yoshiko Tamura with the G-Driver after 24:41. Genki will receive a shot at Kumiko Maekawa's All Pacific title on July 10. Also Kyoko Inoue defeated ZAP I (Kaoru Ito) via countout in a rare screw-job finish.

  • GAEA drew a sellout of 850 people to Osaka's IMP Hall today. In the main event Chigusa Nagayo, Toshiyo Yamada & Sonoko Kato beat Mayumi Ozaki, Etsuko Mita & Chikayo Nagashima in 12:24 when Sonoko pinned Nagashima. Check out Results for full details from today's shows.

  • Samurai TV will air the June 13 JWP Korakuen Hall show on July 7 (Azumi Hyuga vs. Dynamite Kansai) and the July 21 show on August 18. Also they will be showing the July 7 Jd' event on July 28. The Jd' show from Kawasaki on July 21 will be aired on August 29. These are all going to be aired as part of the Battle Station show.

  • The ARSION Sky '99 tournament will happen at the Tokyo Ohta Ward Gymnasium on August 6, not June 30 as was previously reported. The first round draw is Tiger Dream vs. Ayako Hamada; Mari Apache vs. Ring Star (Linda Starr from Mexico); Mika Akino vs. Gami Metal (Mikiko Futagami); and Ai Fujita vs. Chaparrita ASARI.

  • Former AJW wrestler Mitsuko Nishiwaki married a 26 year old sumo star on June 12. Various wrestlers attended the wedding including Lioness Asuka, Dump Matsumoto, and Yumiko Hotta (Nishiwaki's former tag team partner in the 1980's)

    July 2 Update

    • Las Cachorras Orientales, Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita of GAEA will make their debut's with ARSION on July 25 at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall. The opponents will be Rie Tamada and Yumi Fukawa. Other matches announced for the show are La Galactica 2000 vs. Princess Sujei (from Mexico) and Mariko Yoshida & Hiromi Yagi vs. Aja Kong & Michiko Ohmukai.
  • In some other news from ARSION, Mexican wrestler Mari Apache was injured during her match against Michiko Ohmukai at Tokyo, Korkauen Hall on June 30, causing the referee to have to stop the match after only three minutes. No word on when Mari will be returning to action, however she shouldn't be out for too long.

    July 1 Update

  • Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita could be working some dates for ARSION in the near future.

  • Mika Akino and Ayako Hamada became the second holders of the Twin Star of ARSION on June 30 when they defeated Rie Tamada and Hiromi Yagi to capture the championship.

  • A couple of women's matches will take place at a charity wrestling show on July 11. Complete card will be Kodo Fuyuki, Mr. Gannosuke & Jado vs. Hayabuda & Tetsuhiro Kuroda (FMW Men's); Commando Bolshoi & Azumi Hyuga vs. Kana Misaki & Ran YuYu (JWP); Yasha Kurenai vs. Aya Koyama (LLPW); Carlos Amano vs. Kayoko Haruyama (JWP); and Sasaki vs. Yamazaki.

  • Jd's schedule for August includes August 7; August 8 in Chiba; August 12; August 13 and August 22 in Kanagawa Kawasaki. These are all evening shows, and the cards have yet to be announced.

  • A new modelling video entitled "Azumi Hyuga, Kana Misaki in Airando" is to be released imminently.

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