January 20

    Sumie Sakai
  • Jd' have put Megumi Yabushita, Fang Suzuki, Sumie Sakai and The Bloody together as a group called the "Jd' Four Horsewomen". The team will wrestle twice at Kitasawa Town Hall on January 26, first against the Super Terrors (SAYA, Drake Morimatsu, KAZUKI and Ran Maru), then against a Jd' mystery team.

  • Fang Suzuki vs. Sumie Sakai back on December 29 in Osaka ended up being a "TLC" match along the lines of what the WWF did last year, except this match had metal chains instead of ropes. Another note from Jd' is that the Queen of the Ring and AWF title look likely to be treated as a "Double Title" from now on. The belts were unified when Megumi Yabushita won them from The Bloody.

  • Morimatsu and Fang Suzuki defend the TWF Tag Team titles against Masked Angel Rosetta and Masked Angel Fleia on January 21 at Korakuen Hall.

  • AJW on February 28 at the Ota Ward Gym will be headlined by Yumiko Hotta vs. Shinobu Kandori.

  • AJW's Garage show on February 4 has the "MihoKayo Valentine Talk Show" with Mika Nishio and Terashita as special guests. Actual matches will be Nanae Takahashi and Miyuki Fuji vs. Kumiko Maekawa and Yumiko Hotta; Miho Wakizawa and Kayo Noumi vs. Terashita and Mika Nishio; and Tomoko Watanabe and Kaoru Ito vs. Momoe Nakanishi and Manami Toyota. All matches have twenty minutes time limits, and there's no question as to who will go over in every one of them.

  • A few surprise results from todays GAEA event as in tag team matches Chigusa Nagayo was pinned by KAORU and Meiko Satomura pinned Toshiyo Yamada. I doubt either of these will lead anywhere.

  • ARSION are to finally begin getting TV time from later this month. A two hour show will be aired monthly on Samurai TV, the combat sports channel that also airs Jd', JWP and several mens promotions. The first taping will be on January 26 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo. The lineup is going to be:
    • AKINO vs. Ayako Hamada
    • Mari Apache vs. Azumi Hyuga
    • Miyuki Ryu, Aja Kong and Mariko Yoshida vs. Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita and Michiko Ohmukai
    • GAMI, PIKO and a new ReDrug member vs. Fabi Apache, Ai Fujita and Chaparrita ASARI
    • Rie Tamada vs. Bionic J
    • Rena Takase vs. Yu Yamgata
    This isn't a bad lineup, but they should have saved the Aja-Hamada title switch for this show because it would have been a perfect main event for their first TV taping.

  • ARSION have announced some major shows for the rest of the year. ARS 2001 is on April 30 at Korakuen. SKY III is on June 3 at Korakuen. The Two Days tournament is on June 9 at Teicen Hall, Saporro. Tournament MAX (a new event) is on August 12 at Korakuen. ZION is on September 11 at Korakuen. Aja's 15th Anniversary is in September (Exact date TBA) and Carnival ARSION is in December (Exact date TBA).

  • Azumi Hyuga challenged Ayako Hamada to a Queen of ARSION match after pinning her in tag on January 5.

  • Ayako Hamada, AKINO and VIP all have new t-shirts available. ARSION has also released a Carnival ARSION 2000 t-shirt with pictures of all the wrestlers on the front and the card printed on the back. These shirts all cost 3000 and are available in medium and large sizes.

    January 14

    Mayumi Ozaki
  • GAEA were at Korakuen Hall on January 14. Results from important matches saw Lioness Asuka and Sugar Sato defeat Chigusa Nagayo and Chikayo Nagashima when Sugar pinned Nagashima. Letting one of the younger workers get a pin in a match containing the two biggest stars of the promotion was a good move, but unfortunately it was the wrong wrestler that was pinned. The young wrestlers picked up a win early on the card with Toshie Uematsu, Meiko Satomura and Saika Takeuchi defeating Devil Masami, Dynamite Kansai and Toshiyo Yamada when Satomura pinned Kansai. Where this leads is anyones guess.

    The main event event saw Mayumi Ozaki capture the AAAW title from Aja Kong in 15:02. This is the first time Ozaki has held a title in more than ten years, and the first major singles belt she has held (her previous singles title was the UWA Junior title, won from The Scorpion in 1990). Aja used fifteen urakens towards the end of the match and Ozaki bladed.

    Difficult to see where GAEA will go from here. The AAAW title is an upper mid-card belt so it's not likely that Ozaki will start beating the real stars any time soon, but they had been building a feud between Aja and Satomura for nearly two years that would have obviously ended with Satomura winning the belt from Aja. Unless they plan to give the belt back to Aja soon, it looks like this won't be happening.

  • ARSION recently announced their year end awards. Ayako Hamada was named MVP and won an award for having the best win/loss record of 43 wins, 1 loss and 4 time limit draws. GAMI received a Best Technique award. Match Of The Year went to Aja Kong vs. Ayako Hamada from December 3, and Yumi Fukawa also received an award. Fukawa came out dressed in a Santa Claus jacket for the awards ceremony, as did Candy Okutsu.

    January 12

  • All Japan Women are at Differ Ariake on January 21 with the following lineup:
    • Terashita vs. Miyuki Fuji
    • Manami Toyota and Kayo Noumi vs. Takako Inoue and Rumi Kazama. Noumi definately gets pinned.
    • Eagle Sawai vs. Miho Wakizawa. Eagle goes over.
    • Momoe Nakanishi, Nanae Takahashi, Tomoko Watanabe and Kaoru Ito vs. Etsuko Mita, Mima Shimoda, Yumiko Hotta and Kumiko Maekawa. The heels take the win.

  • GAEA at Korakuen on January 14 will have:
    • Aja Kong vs. Mayumi Ozaki for the AAAW title. Hard to say which direction they will go with this match. Ozaki winning wouldn't make a lot of sense, but that hasn't stopped them in the past. Results from the past year would suggest that Meiko Satomura is going to win the belt soon, so I'm going with Aja to retain here because Ozaki losing it to Satomura would be stupid.
    • Chigusa Nagayo and Chikayo Nagashima vs. Sugar Sato and Lioness Asuka. Either team could win, and it's obvious who would job on each side.
    • Meiko Satomura, Toshie Uematsu and Saika Takeuchi vs. Devil Masami, Dynamite Kansai and Toshiyo Yamada. On paper this looks like an obvious win for the older team, but Yamada has done jobs to younger workers in the past.
    • KAORU vs. Sonoko Kato. KAORU probably wins, but she isn't exactly a huge name so Kato could win this.
    • Sakura Hirota vs. Akira Hokuto. Hokuto wins a bad match and gets a run with the cardboard belt.

    January 7

  • Surprisingly, Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda won the WWWA Tag Team titles from Nanae Takahashi and Momoe Nakanishi on January 4 in two straight falls. During the match Yumiko Hotta ran in and attacked the champions causing them to lose. This sets up AJW's next big series which will be LCO, Hotta and Maekawa vs. Watanabe, Ito, Takahashi, Nakanishi and Toyota.

  • Chikako Shiratori retained the CMLL Women's title today defeating Policewoman in 12:44.

  • ARSION presented a big show at Korakuen Hall on January 5. Key happenings from this show saw:
    • PIKO win a mask vs. hair match against Linda Starr. The result was no surprise because Starr loses to almost everybody.
    • Michiko Ohmukai defeated Candy Okutsu in Okutsu's retirement mach. Again, this result wasn't a surprise at all because almost nobody wins their last match unless they are a major star, which Candy isn't.
    • Miyuki Maeda made her debut using the new name Miyuki Ryu. She teamed with Aja Kong to lose to Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda.
    • Mari Apache and Azumi Hyuga beat Ayako Hamada and AKINO when Hyuga pinned Hamada. It's seems like a safe assumption that Hamada jobbed here to set up Hyuga as a challenger for the Queen of ARSION, possibly at the Anniversary show next month. Should that match go ahead I can't see Hyuga winning the title just yet.

    January 3

    Kaoru Ito
  • Kaoru Ito retained the WWWA title against Etsuko Mita today, winning the match in 27:05 by submission with a wakigatame. In other key results from the show, Kumiko Maekawa and Mima Shimoda beat Kayo Noumi & Manami Toyota in 18:20 when Maekawa pinned Noumi, and the team of Tomoko Watanabe and Yumiko Hotta beat Takako Inoue and Miyuki Fuji when Watanabe pinned Fuji in 13:03.

  • ARSION on January 5 at Korakuen Hall will have:
    • Ayako Hamada and AKINO vs. Mari Apache and Mari Apache. Hamada and AKINO should win this as they are likely to be challening for the Twin Star of ARSION again soon.
    • Aja Kong and Miyuki Ryu vs. Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita. Ryu is Miyuki Maeda, a new wrestler making her debut here. The gimmick is that she wanted to face LCO in her debut match. Look for her to do the job.
    • Candy Okutsu vs. Michiko Ohmukai in Okutsu's retirement. Ohmukai will go over here, probably to set her up for a title match in the near future.
    • PIKO vs. Linda Starr in a mask vs. hair match. Either could win.
    • Bionic J vs. Mariko Yoshida. No question as to who wins this.
    • Ai Fujita, Chaparrita ASARI and Yuko Yamagata vs. Rena Takase, GAMI and Rie Tamada. ReDrug should go over unless Takase gets pinned.

  • The NEO Smack Girl show at Korakuen Hall on December 17 only drew 820 fans.

  • A couple of notes from the December 22 LLPW Korakuen Hall show. Manami Toyota used a long rolling cradle on Carol Midori in the tag match with her and Kayo Noumi vs. Midori and Sayuri Okino. This was a small play-off of the November 1993 match where Toyota pinned had Midori after a long rolling cradle. Shark Tsuchiya provided some outside interference in the the match that the LLPW team eventually won.

    LLPW announced their year end awards at this show with Match of the Year going to the July 2 Shinobu Kandori vs. Genichiro Tenryu which has to be probably the first time a man has won a woman's award. Best Tag Team match went to Harley Saito and Noriyo Tateno vs. Miki Handa and Utako Hozumi from August 30 and Rumi Kazama was selected as MVP.

  • Tiger Angel debuted at the December 15 Michinoku Pro show. Angel wears a white outfit and a long blond wig.

  • The Yumi Fukawa Sayonara DVD and video went on sale at the December 24 Korakuen Hall event along with various other new merchandise.

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